Yugoslavian Army Rucksack

This Yugoslavian Army Rucksack is a small combat pack that was originally issued in the 1950s but saw service well into the 1990s. You'll find this bag to be handy sized, has versatile carry options, and a vintage look that completes the trifecta of bag desirability.

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Every military surplus item can tell a story, and these bags tell the story of the Croatian War of Independence. Seized from Serbian rebels during the war, these bags likely saw actual combat use. American collectors are lucky the Croatian government supports the surplus market and has decided to sell these war relics.

  • Carry straps can be positioned to turn this from a rucksack into a shoulder bag.
  • Leather straps can be used to tie gear to the pack.
  • Exterior Velcro sealed pocket.
  • Interior Cloth Covered Compartment (See Picture).
  • Authentic Croatian War Trophy.
  • 12" x 12" External Dimensions
  • Weighs 1.5lbs
  • Condition is Surplus Used
  • Will Show Signs Of Use or Storage (some will have writing or missing buttons

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Customer Reviews

Pretty nice bag for the price
Review by Gabriel
Verified Buyer
It's definitely surplus, but for the price I can't complain. Easy to use straps and closures compared to some surplus bags. I had to oil the leather up a bit and but otherwise all good. Mine came with a free 20 year old paper napkin- unused surplus!
Review by Joel
Verified Buyer
I knew how big these bags were before I ordered it, and am as happy as I can get. These are EXCELLENT day bags/computer bags/etc. Extremely well built, and brand new/NOS. The one I got never saw any 'war'. It sat in a Territorial Defense depot until sold by Croatia. Extraordinary value. The convertible straps alone are worth the money.
I got a bad one
Review by eatmoredonuts
Verified Buyer
I'm no stranger to military surplus but the rucksack I received was evidently rode hard and put up wet. It was really dirty, the leather straps were in bad shape, and the metal hardware was rusty to the point that it was staining the straps and the bag itself. Also, I guess a few infantrymen wrote their names on the outside of my bag in some sort of permanent ink. The main thing was the smell. I fully expect any surplus gear to have 'that smell' but this one took a lot of effort to air out. It still could use some further fumigating so it's kind of useless to me at this point. It does have loads of field-use charm, that's for sure.

What's annoying is the surplus store up the road from me has the same bags, same price, and look super clean and unused, though theirs are grey colored. Shame on me for not checking them out first.

The German naval jacket I got from KeepShooting is 100% awesome though, so I guess it's just luck of the draw.
good buy
Review by RM
Verified Buyer
Nice bag for the range or a day hiking trip. Not too big and well made.
great piece of history
Review by Frosty
Verified Buyer
If you like reading and studying the Balkan Wars, you'll like this pack. Goes well with my Yugoslavian SKS. It has that been there look and smell. Great overall condition. A piece of history that will never be made again.
Very Handy Bag
Review by Les
Verified Buyer
I've got several that I use for different things. They make awesome first aid bags to leave in your vehicle. I use one when traveling as a small, discrete day bag/camera bag. I can fit a rangefinder body and a couple of lenses as well as a bottle of water and a few energy bars in the bag with a little room left over for whatever.
Cool, but tiny pack
Review by Jesse
Verified Buyer
My initial reaction to taking this back out of the package was, "wow this is smaller than I thought". It is a very small bag, however it seems pretty sturdy. It is not a rucksack by any means, more an over the shoulder light scouting pack. It would be perfect for an extended first aid kit. All in all it is a good deal for the roughly 6 bucks it cost, if you are on the fence just buy it!
It's a nice little bag
Review by Holden
Verified Buyer
I bought this because it was on sale as a why not item, but i have to say it's a great little pack. The one i got looks used in great shape. It had that surplus smell but after letting it air out that went away.
I will probably end up using it for hunting or fishing when I don't feel like carrying a bigger bag.
Review by Jonathan
Verified Buyer
Great bag for the price.

As others have said its by no means a rucksack, but more of a day pack to use while your larger pack is back at camp.

While small in size there is still plenty of room to carry items you may want in a day pack such as a survival/med pack, water bottles and maps with room to spare.

I set mine up as a day hunting pack due to its smaller size. It will make life easier to carry this pack up and down ridges in the mountains compared to my German alpine rucksack.
love it
Review by Daniel
Verified Buyer
im a Yugo buff and this fits right in
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