Yugoslavian Army JNA Rucksack

Yugoslavian Army Rucksack

This Yugoslavian Army Rucksack is a small combat pack that was originally issued in the 1950s but saw service well into the 1990s. You'll find this bag to be handy sized, has versatile carry options, and a vintage look that completes the trifecta of bag desirability.

Description / Yugoslavian Army Rucksack

Every military surplus item can tell a story, and these bags tell the story of the Croatian War of Independence. Seized from Serbian rebels during the war, these bags likely saw actual combat use. American collectors are lucky the Croatian government supports the surplus market and has decided to sell these war relics.

  • Carry straps can be positioned to turn this from a rucksack into a shoulder bag.
  • Leather straps can be used to tie gear to the pack.
  • Exterior Velcro sealed pocket.
  • Interior Cloth Covered Compartment (See Picture).
  • Authentic Croatian War Trophy.
  • 12" x 12" External Dimensions
  • Weighs 1.5lbs
  • Condition is Surplus Used
  • Will Show Signs Of Use or Storage (some will have writing or missing buttons

Purchase this Yugoslavian Rucksack and you'll own a piece of real history. If you want to read more about this rucksack, visit Rucksack Mania who did an excellent write up of this bag.

Customer Reviews

So Good My Wife Stole It!
Review by John
I agree with every positive comment mentioned previously. The only thing wrong with this ruck is that my wife liked it so much she stole it and won't give it back. Come on Keep Shooting...find more so I can get one of my own!
Great little pack
Review by carol
This is a great little pack for day hikes as it rides close to the back and does not get snagged on brush or tree branches. Packs small and has lots of room for the essentials one would take on a lightweight day outing.a++++
Nice little bag.
Review by matthew
This bag is good for carrying as a side bag over your shoulder with your main gear and pack. Since the bag is small, I like to put items in it I might need while hiking that I don't need to stop and get out of main pack. It could also serve as a medic pack. This item is also good for anyone into collecting bags.
The haversack I was looking for.
Review by Robert
A note about the 4 star quality: the leather straps were kind of dry and stiff (Yeah, it's been stored a long time). I had an old bottle of mink oil and I've worked it in 7-8 times now and much better.
I wasn't looking for a rucksack (though it's a bonus) I wanted a haversack for day or weekend camping. Got tired of taking my daypack off every time I wanted something. Then discovered Kenneth Kramm and his youtube videos on camping with a bedroll and haversack. This pack is perfect. Read the other reviews about the pockets and external attach points. My pack is in great shape (smells a little musty but so what) and I can't wait to use it!
Review by Eremite
Mine needed some repair when it arrived, but nothing I could not fix with a needle and thread. The bag functions well. I use it often to carry my i-pad and water bottle for work.
Well worth the money. I will probably buy another to make into a weekend survival pack.
Really cool little bag but God was it dirty
Review by Owen
Got the bag and there was like the remnants of a chocolate bar in the front pocket or something...really gross. I cleaned it up and after that it's fine but you'd think someone would notice that before shipping. Really cool bag otherwise, especially for the price.
Nice shoulder bag or small backpack
Review by Derek
Makes a real nice bag for hiking or hunting, sleeve inside can be folded out to carry a water bottle etc. Well laid out, mine was used surplus condition. I would buy this again.
Great buy
Review by Brian
Smells a bit musty from storage. Leather straps are worn. Metal buckles have a patina. Nothing unexpected with milsurp. Otherwise, in great shape - no stains, tears, or holes.
A great buy for the price.
Review by John A.
When I first got these I was MAD , because I new I should have gotten 3 to get 2 about the same condition. Received one , looks new , the other , good used . They are on my T100 and BOTH sides lookin' GOOD so I don't care . NO MORE BACKPACK ! Thank-you .
Will make a great haversack
Review by daniel
First up front this is old stock and was probably not stored well for many years. The leather tabs had a bit if dry rot thus 4 stars on quality. However the bag I recieved appears to have never been issued, just stored. The canvas was still in fantastic shape and there were still "Irish Penants" of thread from the stiching. Planto use aa a haversack for my woods adventures. At this price point I would call it a must buy.
A cool vintage bag
Review by El Mystico
This is another handy little shoulder bag that has the vintage messenger bag feel to it. The one I received was in decent shape, with the leather straps the only concern due to wear. The buckles are old and not the best quality. But as a useful, cool-looking vintage shoulder bag, this is a really great deal.
Fantastic. My all time favorite day pack.
Review by ChrisPete
Has held up and some for the past 2 years. Through trees, bushes, pushed against rocks and thrown into the backseat it has suffered next to no damage. Straps have not broken and are still in great condition despite seeing occasional water. Not one tear or rip in the pack itself either.
Two compartments offer enough space for anything you could want on a day hike, with maybe the exception of a large camera. The larger compartment also has a nice pocket on the left side (facing the bag) that is great for water bottles. I put a larger (32oz?) Nalgene type bottle in it, fits like a glove. However it seems it is not visible in the preview pictures. (I'm pretty sure its comes pressed under the second wider pocket.) The second wider pocket inside the largest compartment is nice for keeping items from moving around too much, I personally use it for sandwiches.
The smaller front snap compartment can be pressed for space depending on what you have in the larger compartment. It will still hold plant/animal guides, small - mid sized book(s), maps, pens and items of the like. You can also sneak items out without having to undo the straps, which really is nice sometimes.
What puts this bag over the top for me are the metal loops that can be found throughout the exterior of the bag & the loop straps on the bottom of the bag. I have been able to add all sorts of convenient add-ons to this pack using the exterior metal loops combo'd with small carabiners. First Aid Kit, Bear spray + Case in bear country, sunscreen and even a solar panel clipped in front of the pockets. The bottom loop straps are probably not big enough for most sleeping bags, at least in my case, and anything that sits too low in the straps will be hitting the back of your legs. It is perfect for jackets though, on rainy days, just in case or when you start to heat up while /out/. You could still probably utilize it for a very simple sleeping set up.
All in all this bag has been nothing but good to me. With all the utility and quality of the bag I have seen out of it for $7.99 (on sale), I would have paid close to $50 had I known it would be this good. This bag is a steal, with shipping the total cost jumps a bit so you might as well get yourself something else nice if you're paying that shipping cost already. If you're lucky enough it may also come with some drawings on it from the previous owner.
Handy Bag
Review by JD
This is an extremely handy and versatile bag. It is small for a ruck, but well sized for a day-pack. The great thing is that it quickly converts to a good sized shoulder bag which I use as a haversack. A tarp and poncho are easily strapped to the bottom leaving a good amount of room inside for everything else. Mine was well used and needed a little clean up and leather treatment but for 10 bucks, its a fantastic value.
Good little bag
Review by Sandro
I held off buying this, but I like it. It belongs in town, mainly. I prefer it as a shoulder bag, but it's OK on the back too. The canvas is not thick, but it is tightly woven and tough. Condition varies, and some have writing on them.
Nice Bag
Review by Dominic
This bag is well built, but small. I like it as a small backpack for school but easily could be used as a light travel bag or as a supplement to the rest of your travel gear. Its very rugged and will hold up, i would say. Happy i snagged it at $10
Great bag
Review by Glenn
Mine looked lightly used, but I like the possible history behind it. I really like the compartment that comes out of the bag and holds water bottles. I also love that it has straps for a bed roll or blanket. This would serve well as a light hiking bag.

I love this bag!
Looks Almost Like New
Review by Roy
I don't think this bag was issued, ever. The leather looks new, too. I put it through a delicate wash to get rid of the storage smell. Nice little bag.
Tough pack with great value
Review by Sinister_Drew
In my opinion for the price its a solid pack. The one I received looked practically new. I just wish the bottom straps could stretch out more. You could maybe strap your sweater or maybe a really really small blanket (smaller than a twin). Like others have mentioned, its a great pack for everyday use or day hike. You can easily fit your lunch, jacket and water bottle. I originally bought this for my girlfriend so she can use it on short hikes. Shes has a petite frame, so even with the carry straps tighten all the way, it did not fit her. Sucks for her, good for me.

I liked this pack so much, I ended up buying two more packs on eBay. I bought it straight from Serbia. Well folks, its one of my deepest regrets. Both the conditions of the packs were no where close to the ones I got from Keep Shooting. Ehhh, lesson learned I guess.

Excellent buy
Review by Ryan
Buy when you can. This is a good deal for a neat little sack, good for all sorts of things.
Solid little pack
Review by Edward
A rugged and solidly built little backpack/haversack type bag. converts easily to either. I particularly like the small pocket that can flip out of the main bag and carry a water bottle. The bottom straps are a wonderful feature. I wish it was a tad larger, but it certainly is large enough for a day bag.
Pretty nice bag for the price
Review by Gabriel
It's definitely surplus, but for the price I can't complain. Easy to use straps and closures compared to some surplus bags. I had to oil the leather up a bit and but otherwise all good. Mine came with a free 20 year old paper napkin- unused surplus!
Review by Joel
I knew how big these bags were before I ordered it, and am as happy as I can get. These are EXCELLENT day bags/computer bags/etc. Extremely well built, and brand new/NOS. The one I got never saw any 'war'. It sat in a Territorial Defense depot until sold by Croatia. Extraordinary value. The convertible straps alone are worth the money.
I got a bad one
Review by eatmoredonuts
I'm no stranger to military surplus but the rucksack I received was evidently rode hard and put up wet. It was really dirty, the leather straps were in bad shape, and the metal hardware was rusty to the point that it was staining the straps and the bag itself. Also, I guess a few infantrymen wrote their names on the outside of my bag in some sort of permanent ink. The main thing was the smell. I fully expect any surplus gear to have 'that smell' but this one took a lot of effort to air out. It still could use some further fumigating so it's kind of useless to me at this point. It does have loads of field-use charm, that's for sure.

What's annoying is the surplus store up the road from me has the same bags, same price, and look super clean and unused, though theirs are grey colored. Shame on me for not checking them out first.

The German naval jacket I got from KeepShooting is 100% awesome though, so I guess it's just luck of the draw.
good buy
Review by RM
Nice bag for the range or a day hiking trip. Not too big and well made.
great piece of history
Review by Frosty
If you like reading and studying the Balkan Wars, you'll like this pack. Goes well with my Yugoslavian SKS. It has that been there look and smell. Great overall condition. A piece of history that will never be made again.
Very Handy Bag
Review by Les
I've got several that I use for different things. They make awesome first aid bags to leave in your vehicle. I use one when traveling as a small, discrete day bag/camera bag. I can fit a rangefinder body and a couple of lenses as well as a bottle of water and a few energy bars in the bag with a little room left over for whatever.
Cool, but tiny pack
Review by Jesse
My initial reaction to taking this back out of the package was, "wow this is smaller than I thought". It is a very small bag, however it seems pretty sturdy. It is not a rucksack by any means, more an over the shoulder light scouting pack. It would be perfect for an extended first aid kit. All in all it is a good deal for the roughly 6 bucks it cost, if you are on the fence just buy it!
It's a nice little bag
Review by Holden
I bought this because it was on sale as a why not item, but i have to say it's a great little pack. The one i got looks used in great shape. It had that surplus smell but after letting it air out that went away.
I will probably end up using it for hunting or fishing when I don't feel like carrying a bigger bag.
Review by Jonathan
Great bag for the price.

As others have said its by no means a rucksack, but more of a day pack to use while your larger pack is back at camp.

While small in size there is still plenty of room to carry items you may want in a day pack such as a survival/med pack, water bottles and maps with room to spare.

I set mine up as a day hunting pack due to its smaller size. It will make life easier to carry this pack up and down ridges in the mountains compared to my German alpine rucksack.
love it
Review by Daniel
im a Yugo buff and this fits right in
Amazing little bag
Review by Philip
This is called a rucksack, but I would call it a messenger bag, albeit without pen slots. It is definitely one of the more interestingly configured bags I have seen.

Inside the main compartment on the left is a drawstring closeable vertical cloth compartment. You can see this on the right of the open picture. There is also a small non sealable compartment in the bottom center (think of a cup of cloth.

My outside front pocket closes with vertical directional snaps not velcro as mentioned. Don't just yank on these or you might rip something. There are directional indicators on the snaps. If you don't know how it works, experiment. You need to pull down on the flap, then up and off for each snap.

The black metal hardware used for securing main straps is in good+ shape, with some rust. The flexibility of using the straps in backpack or over the shoulder configuration is nice, and its a first (for me) seeing the lower loop straps on a bag this size. They are ideal, say if the weather changes and you want to take off your jacket, you could roll it up and then stow it away there.

All in all, a sweet little bag. I ordered 2, one for a friend, and will be ordering 1 more because these just rock for 5.95.

But its not Cordura or heavy gauge canvas. Treat it with respect and it should last.
Great deal
Review by Michael
Where else are you going to find such a well made small rucksack for less than $6.00? I say small but this is perfect size for day activities. I ordered two and use one for extra fishing stuff when out on the river and bay. The other is for water and dry clothes. There are a million uses for a rucksack of this size and good quality.
Review by Joe
Ordered two, one looked brand new aside from storage marks and some stain inside the bag, the second was used but in good condition. The bags are great, the may be small, but they are still big enough to let me carry everything I need and no more. Great for bushcraft/ hiking. Love the straps on the bottom for bedroll and tools like an axe. Will get many great years out of these bags.

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