M3 Trench Knife with M6 Scabbard

M3 Trench Knife

Originally designed in 1943, the M3 trench knife was a fighting knife issued to soldiers otherwise unequipped with a bayonet. Featuring a razor-sharp, bayonet-style point alongside sharpened edges, the M3 was suitable for both stabbing and slashing motions. It is sure to find a home with both reenactors and collectors alike. This M3 Trench Knife includes the M6 Scabbard and is made in America by Ontario Knife Company.

Description / M3 Trench Knife

The M3 trench knife is equipped with a narrow, carbon steel blade with a parkerized finish that measures approximately 6.5 inches long and features a razor-sharp, bayonet-style point. Also noteworthy is the 3.5-inch secondary edge that runs alongside the full-length edge. The ring grip wooden handle provides a no-slip grip and unmatched comfort as well as an authentic appearance. You will also notice a steel crossguard with an angular bend on one side. This bend acts as a thumb rest and allows the wielder to take several different fighting grips. The knife has an excellent weight distribution which provides great balance.

  • US Made M3 Trench Knife
  • Correct Markings
  • Excellent for Film, Display, or Reenacting

Note: This item is being sold to you as a collectible. Please check your local laws for any regulations that prohibit the ownership of a knife of this design. To purchase this knife, you must be at least 18 years old. An adult signature may be required when delivery is made.

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Manufacturer Ontario Knife Company
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