About Us

KEEP SHOOTING is among the top global providers catering to clients' needs by offering exclusive, superior-quality merchandise. As a one-stop solution, we specialize in diverse product categories spanning from outdoor recreation equipment to rare collector items, thereby securing a distinctive position within our market sector.

Since our inception, our primary objective has been to procure premium goods at competitive rates, ultimately benefiting our consumers. Unlike many competitors, we do not allocate resources towards social media promotions; instead, our entire focus lies in enhancing customer satisfaction through unwavering dedication to value creation. Efficiently managed operations ensure minimal overheads, enabling optimal allocation of funds towards initiatives that yield tangible benefits for our clientele. Boasting a world-class technology department, we have successfully harnessed innovation to drive down costs, providing affordable pricing even as rival firms continue to raise their own rates.

If you are visiting our site for the first time, we extend a warm welcome. A testament to our success is the fact that the overwhelming majority of new patrons are referred to us by satisfied existing customers – a true measure of our achievements. We take pride in these consistent referrals, demonstrating our commitment to fulfilling our objectives. Both novice and returning visitors are encouraged to peruse this page, familiarizing themselves or reacquainting themselves with the KEEP SHOOTING experience. With anticipation, we look forward to serving you, now and into the future.

Our Commitment To You

Commitment to Quality

At KEEP SHOOTING, our mission has always been to offer top-notch products at unbeatable prices, ensuring excellent value for our clients. To maintain consistency in quality, all items available on our site undergo meticulous inspection and testing by our dedicated team. This commitment to excellence has allowed us to uphold a stellar track record spanning over two decades, demonstrating our reliability as a trusted supplier.

Commitment to Customers

At KEEP SHOOTING, we believe that repeat business from our loyal clientele serves as the best indicator of our ability to deliver on our core values. By offering high-quality products at the most competitive prices, we aim to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our ultimate goal is to make certain that every customer's first purchase and subsequent orders will continue to draw them back to KEEP SHOOTING whenever they seek new equipment or simply desire a delightful shopping experience without straining their wallet.

Commitment to Trust

Since its inception over two decades ago, KEEP SHOOTING has been driven by its founding leader, who continues to steer the company towards fulfilling its primary objective – providing exceptional value to our customers. Situated in a serene setting just beyond the historic confines of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, our business operates from our very own, secured, and privately owned premises. Employees boast an impressive average tenure of more than a decade, and we proudly maintain a policy of not engaging external contractors or temporaries. This consistent workforce ensures that we remain focused, cohesive, and motivated, thus guaranteeing that our customers' trust in KEEP SHOOTING is well placed and never misplaced.

Commitment to Ethics

Ethical conduct permeates everything we do at Keep Shooting, including our dealings with suppliers, evaluation of products, transactions, and services. We consistently review and upgrade our supply chain partners to guarantee adherence to high standards of quality and ethical practices. Our proprietary data analysis system closely monitors product metrics, promptly informing management of any potential customer satisfaction concerns. As a tech-driven, agile enterprise, we leverage our efficiency advantages to identify and capture cost savings, which we then pass along to customers as a means of fostering loyalty and reinforcing our commitment to delivering value.