Automatic Knives

  • Hogue Ballista I Auto Knife


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  • SIG Sauer Compound Tactical OTF Auto Knife
    SIG Sauer


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  • SOG Pentagon Blackout OTF Automatic Knife


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  • Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn Mini Covert Auto Knife


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  • Bear OPS Auto Bold Action III Stiletto - Satin
    Bear & Son Cutlery


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  • Templar Knife Fallen OTF Dagger
    Templar Knife


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Automatic Knives

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are automatic knives?

Automatic knives, also known as switchblades, are folding knives with a locking mechanism that allows them to be opened and closed automatically by pressing a button or lever on the handle. They are typically made of metal such as steel or titanium, and come in various sizes and shapes. Automatic knives are legal in some states and countries, while other places have restrictions or ban them entirely.

Are automatic knives legal?

In most states, it is illegal to carry or possess an automatic knife. However, some states allow for certain exceptions such as possession for collectible purposes or for use in certain occupations. Additionally, some states may require registration of automatic knives and/or limit the type of blade length that can be legally possessed. It is important to research your local laws before carrying or possessing any type of knife.