Military Surplus Bags

Finding the right backpack for the task and purpose can be a challenge. We have the solution to this challenge in our selection of military surplus backpacks, duffle bags, and packs. These military packs have been battle tested and combat proven in design, features, and materials. No matter what challenge you face in any environment, a good military bag or pack will give you the edge. We've got the complete selection from assault packs, tactical packs, main packs, and shoulder bags that deliver military resuls in the civilian world.

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Czech M85 Bag
British Army Data Terminal Carrier
British Military Field Pack
Burlap Coffee Bag
East German Combat Pack
US Military Waterproof Clothing Bag
Romanian Army Combat Pack
Czech M85 Backpack
British Army Desert Camo Field Pack
US Military Barracks Bag
Forrest Tool Max Carry Bag
French Army Small Drawstring Pouch
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Items 1-15 of 99