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At Keep Shooting, we understand that customer satisfaction is our top priority. To ensure seamless communication between our valued clients and our team of dedicated professionals, we offer multiple avenues to reach out to us. You may choose from the following convenient methods:

1. Web Form: For your convenience, there is a user-friendly web form available on this page. Simply fill in the required fields, including your name, email address, subject, and detailed message, and submit it. Using this form will get you the fastest response to your question.

2. Telephone: We encourage you to call our toll-free number at 301-861-2213. Our support representatives are often assisting other customers, so you will likely be asked to leave a detailed message for us to follow up on. This is the slowest method for us to respond to, so we strongly encourage you to use the web form on this page.

3. SMS Text Message: If you prefer to communicate through text messages, feel free to send us your query or concern to our designated SMS text message number at 223-272-8742 kindly note that response times may vary depending on the volume of incoming messages.

4. Mailing Address: If you would like to correspond with us via traditional postal means, you may send letters or documents to our physical location at United Defense LLC, 214 W. Golden Lane, New Oxford PA 17350. Our office personnel will process and attend to your correspondence accordingly.

Regardless of the chosen method, our customer care specialists remain devoted to delivering timely, precise, and individualized support to every customer.

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