Military Surplus Footwear

Our selection of military surplus footwear includes combat boots, gaiters, overboots, and everything else associated with footwear. You will find our selection of military footwear is growing all the time and our prices are the lowest anywhere. Make sure you bookmark this page to be able to return fast when you need a new pair of army combat boots or other military grade footwear.

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USMC RAT Temperate Weather Combat Boots
As low as $49.95
WELLCO US Army Temperate Weather Desert Tan Combat Boots
McRae Army Milspec Hot Weather Boots
As low as $34.95
British Army Brown Leather Patrol Boots
As low as $60.95
US Military Extreme Cold Weather N-1B Mukluk Boots
British DPM Gaiters
Berghaus Yeti Wilderness Gaiters
As low as $60.95
US Army High Gloss Oxford Shoes
As low as $89.95
Italian Army M70 Gaiters
Charlet Moser Super 12 Crampons
Special Price $20.97 Regular Price $40.95
Rubber Overboots
As low as $4.95
German Army Overboots
Danish Rubber Boots
As low as $5.95
Kiwi Brown Shoe Polish
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Items 1-15 of 36