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M14 Magazine
M14 Magazine - 10 Round
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Springfield M1A 5-Round Magazine
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M14 Mags

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Frequently Asked Questions
What caliber of ammunition does the M14 use?

The M14 uses the 7.62x51mm NATO round, which is commonly used in modern military applications.  The M14 can also use commercial .308 Winchester ammunition.

What is the capacity of M14 mags?

The standard capacity of M14 magazines is 20 rounds, with there being aftermarket magazines that hold 5 and 10 rounds.

What is the use of a 5-round M14 Mag?

The most common use for a 5-round M14 mag is for hunting where regulations restrict the capacity of your semi-auto hunting rifle.

What is the use of a 10-round M14 Mag?

With 10-round magazine capacity being universally compliant with state regulations, the 10-round M14 mag is most often used to ensure legal compliance.