1918 Trench Knife

The 1918 Trench Knife is a replica of the Mark I trench knife originally designed in late 1918. Trench knives are military issued weapons and were originally designed for close quartered combat in World War I as a response to the advent of trench warfare.

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The 1918 Trench Knife is an accurate and impressive replica of the US military original. With the knuckle duster like grip that is marked 1918 U.S. to the included sheath, this fine replica trench knife will satisfy those who want the look but not the price of an original. We have sold these trench knives for film production work, theater, living history events, and more where they have performed the role of an original 1919 Trench Knife flawlessly.

  • Authentic Reproduction 1919 Trench Knife
  • Marked U.S. 1918
  • Chrome Knuckle Duster Guard
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Includes Sheath
  • Blade Length: 6 Inches
  • Overall Length: 11 Inches

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Customer Reviews

Overall a good representation
Review by MikePA
Verified Buyer
If you own an original, you won't like this knife at all. I USED TO OWN an original and times got tough so it had to be sold. This knife is a good representation of the 1918, but is not going to cut it for anyone who has an original. I am using this for our reenactments and its held up for that now going on a full year.
1918 Trench Knife Value for Your Dollars
Review by Buddy
Verified Buyer
I received my 1918 Trench Knife from KeepShooting a short while ago and find the knife to be a Very Good Value for the price paid. I have only seen photos of the Original but this one appears to be a very close match. The handle looks to be very sturdy, as it should. The Blade used for this replica is the only negative, in my opinion. Not a fatal flaw but the blade could be better even if it cost a little more. I think that the one used is a bit on the too thin side. The blade profile would a better fit for a concealed carry knife. The scabbard is excellent but the leather could be, again, more sturdy or thicker. Even with those comments I like the knife a lot and believe it is a very good value for the price paid.
Fine reproduction
Review by Perry
Verified Buyer
While it isn't going to have a chunky blade like the originals of the First World War, the knife has weight to it, actually disassembles if you unscrew the bottom skull puncher, and has a tight sheath that is also metal. I've seen others that flap around in the sheath a lot, this reproduction seems to fit well. There's a loop in the sheath that you can fit your belt through, which is also nice. Overall, for the price, I'd highly recommend this blade.
Looks Great
Review by Timothy
Verified Buyer
Really cool replica but it will work for scaring somebody. Doesn't have many tactical uses but still a cool item.
Great Knife
Review by Zion
Verified Buyer
Got this for my grandfather a few years back. We sharpened it and it was perfect. It looks great too. He enjoyed it and I highly recommend it.
Great knife
Review by Ethan
Verified Buyer
Although a replica, this performs the basic functions of a real knife pretty well, In addition to the wicked looking handle.
Great play knife
Review by Tyler
Verified Buyer
It's a great knife, it's mostly for show and pretend even though it is a real knife. A great conversation starter but not really a tool to use to cut things.

It would probably scare someone because it is a wicked looking knife. Still it looks really good on my wall with the other knifes.
Review by Jonathan
Verified Buyer
I bought this a year or two ago, great knife, pretty accurate replica, weighted pretty decently and just fun to have, probably pretty good at scaring robbers too
Wicked Looking Weapon
Review by Trench Mole
Verified Buyer
I bought this from keepshooting and it showed up 2 days later. I was amazed at how quick. The knife just looks mean! It is a little thinner than the real deal but still looks durable, plus I don't think I will be running through the trenches knifing people anytime soon. Great showcase piece.
like it
Review by DAVID
Verified Buyer
wish to have a real one . only going to put in case for looks

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