7.62x39 Broken Shell Extractor

7.62x39 Broken Shell Extractor

If you own a 7.62x39 caliber firearm you need to get one of these 7.62x39 Broken Shell Extractors

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Description / 7.62x39 Broken Shell Extractor

New commercial grade and surplus grade ammunition that is defective will sometimes get the cases stuck in the barrel of your firearm.  You will not be able to get the stuck case out without one of these 7.62x39 broken shell extractors.

Customer Reviews

A no brainer
Review by Grok
As the other reviewers said, an excellent idea and glad to have one with every one of my 7.62 Soviets...
back in action
Review by AKMike
One of the few things that can go wrong with an AK is tearing the head off a case. With the extremely powerful extraction, robust extractor, and a solid fixed ejector, it is some what likely. Throw in modern barrel with a tighter chamber for improved accuracy, along with a steady diet of brass cased ammo and your chances increase. This will solve that little problem.
Broken Shell Extractor
Review by Daniel
great to have in your bug out bag.
A must have for your range bag
Review by Robert
This is a must have if you own a SKS other rifles that shot 7.62x39 I kept one in my range bag. It will safe the day if a shell brakes. You can’t get much cheaper.
Add to your range bag
Review by Big Kahuna
Had no idea these existed but Im glad I purchased one before I had a problem with a broken shell. Id hate to have to pack up and head home because of a broken shell wedged in my barrel. A definite must buy
Review by Alex
Seems very well made. Hope I don't have to use it. I should probably get 1 or 2 more.
7.62x39 Broken Shell Extractor
Review by Jill
If you ever had a stuck shell, you know this is a must have for the range bag. I think I have about four of these scattered throughout all my bags.
Don't go to the range without one
Review by Michael
Every shooter needs to have one of these for every caliber, especially if you a using surplus or suspect ammo. This is the only way to safely remove a broken case without damaging your expensive new toy. As usual, KS has these priced right.
don't get caught without one
Review by powderbob
I like it so much,I bought some more for all of my AK rifles.Trust me, Don't go shooting your AK's without one in your accessory kit,You ain't gonna regret it.
They work
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
I purchased this awhile ago along with the 7.62x54R and .223 ones.

I used the .223 today at the range and it worked flawlessly.

Thanks keepshooting.
Review by bob
I keep it in the grip chamber of my stock.
"Better to have and not need ,than to need and not have".
better safe than sorry
Review by cody
Everyone knows being at the range and having a broken shell jam in your barrel can ruin your day. Don't be that guy , grab one of these and you'll never have to worry .
Quality tool.
Review by Brian
Haven't had to use this yet. But if you have ever had a ruptured shell and tried to remove it, you will appreciate having the right tool around. Judging from the reviewers who have had to use theirs, it works fine. I keep mine in the stock with the cleaning kit.
Good to have
Review by Joel
A well built tool and good to have around. For the price there really is no excuse not to have one.
gotta have it
Review by powderbob
I haven't use it yet but it's seems like a fine product.It is useful to have it ,or if want your AK,SKS kit complete.
Inexpensive,very well made,must have
Review by Matthew
Although I have not needed it yet,(AK is notoriously reliable) some types of brass ammo cases will rip in two. Lent it to fellow shooter at range to extract torn brass from WASSR. Priceless!
Great product, great value
Review by AvidShooter
If you regularly shoot any steel case ammo, you will need this tool! Get one now, throw it in your shooting bag and save yourself some hassle down the road.
Good component to keep in the buttstock.
Review by james
I use this device frequently in my Romanian wasr-10. It stores nicely in the butt end of the rifle there's a lidded hole to put the little maintenance tools in. Great buy indeed.
A must have
Review by Texas Jack Houston
Ditto to Stephens' comments below.Anyone using import 7.62x39 ammo from uncertain sources will need this eventually.

Best price around....Thanks Keep Shooting.
Vital accessory
Review by Stephen
I have several 7.62x39mm rifles, and this extractor stays in my shooting bag. I have had several ruptured and torn cases using cheap target ammo, and until I had one of these it was a range day catastrophe. Now, 30 seconds and the ripped case is clear. Of course ammo has gotten better, but I still carry one and highly recommend it for anyone else.

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