Aggressor Tactical Knife by Kizlyar Supreme - Russian Military Tactical Knife - KK0013

Aggressor Tactical Knife

The Aggressor from Kizlyar Supreme is part of their tactical echelon series of combat knives. Every knife in the tactical echelon series is designed to be reliable and functional with a simple strong structure.

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Description / Aggressor Tactical Knife

The Aggressor by Kizlyar Supreme is a Russian designed and manufactured tactical fighting knife. Part of Kizlyar's Tactical Echelon series of Russian made fighting knives the Aggressor is all business.

The Aggressor was designed to meet the needs of Russian special service units. With the strict requirements of the special service units the Aggressor will perform exceedingly well during routine tasks. With the full tang design the Aggressor has no unnecessary parts that would fail under duress making it ideal for users who need to win.

No matter what the playing field is the Aggressor is the tactical knife you want on your team.

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