Is Keep Shooting Legit?


Is Keep Shooting Legit

This is one of the funniest things about Google searches for our website, which nothing that is retured by this query answers the question.  There are times where we are so busy serving our existing customers that we forget that a large potential customer base hasn't experienced the quality, value, and service that comes from every transaction at Keep Shooting.




As there is no definition or set of rules as to what makes a website or company "legit" we will walk you through various cycles that show our company is legit, has been selling goods for over 20 years, and maintains a stellar repuation and all licenses required to operate.

Our company operates under the name United Defense LLC as this company name better summarizes the scale and depth of our offering.  If we used our retail website name for merchant transactions, individuals who bought clothing would see transactions from KEEPSHOOTING.COM and wonder why a "gun company" had billed their credit card.  For business agility we began operating as United Defense LLC over a decade ago and continue to grow the business that operates under this company. 


With that being said, here are some documents that show our company and therefore KEEP SHOOTING is legit:


Keep Shooting FFL



This is our Type 8 Federal Firearms License, which allows us to import firearms and ammuniton other than destructive devices.  The address you see on this license, 214 W Golden Ln, New Oxford PA 17350 is our fully-owned and occupied corporate headquarters.  All of our inventory, order processing systems, and business operations are conducted from this location.  We do not outsource any function, and our facility is staffed by full time employees.  Maintaining a federal firearms license for 20+ years is something a "legit" company does, as there are local, state, and federal requirements to ensure this license is only issued to people in the business it authorizes.  This isn't a "kitchen table" license, not that there is anything wrong with that, but operating as an importer isn't something you can, should, or would want to do from your home.  The responsible party who signed on this license is still running the daily operations of Keep Shooting, and keeps the business focused on delivering value.


Keep Shooting SOT



This is our Special Occupation Tax Stamp for our company that authroizes us to act as an importer of National Firearms Act weapons and accessories. This includes machine guns, silencers, short barreled shotguns and rifles.  You will see the address is our corporate headquarters, and we pay the full rate for this tax of $1,000 per year which will give you an idea of the total turnover of this type of goods we achieve.  There is a "reduced rate" for those who are below a certain level of sales, which we far exceed.  This shows KEEP SHOOTING is legit with an additional federal license covering highly regulated NFA weapons.  It also shows our tax rate for this license, showing the volume of trade we book each year exceeds the lower "discounted" rate.






An additional document showing our registration under the Arms Export Control Act.  This license allows our company to import "dual use" goods that are considered to be controlled commodities that require special federal government permission to import.  This is another license that isn't just handed out, it requires the maintenance of records and additional licenses to remain valid.   You will see the address and name listed is our corporate headquarters, and all goods that are imported under this registration are processed, sold, and shipped from this location.  



What Do People Think Of KEEP SHOOTING?


The best way to answer that question is to show the reviews that have been left by customers who opt-in for a Google Review at the time they purchased.  We added this feature to our website early this year, and have 300+ reviews that have been submitted.  Google also crawls the web and is able to compare our pricing with competitors, and rate how good of a job we are doing to meet industry standards. 


Keep Shooting Reviews


Please note the "Fair" raiting for Payment Options is due to our company not accepting PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, or other third party payment service.  This is not by choice, these companies refuse to do business with companies that sell guns or gun accessories.  We were given an option of adding the "Pay over time" features by various third parties, but do not want our customers to get involved with predatory lenders.  So we are willing to accept this "Fair" rating, but want to make sure our customers know its because of this.  We are happy to accept all forms of payment that we are approved to use, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.




Still Have Questions?
Why aren't you active on social media?

We would love to have engagement with our customers on social media.  The issue is social media companies like Facebook do not like gun companies advertising. 

Can we chat/interact with KEEP SHOOTING on Social Media?

For the most part, we do not engage with our customers using social media.  We'd rather engage with our customers by bringing them real value with products that are unique, priced to deliver value, and ship them 24/7 to ensure they arrive well packaged and fast to our customers.