Jiggler Keys - A Must Have Tool

Jiggler Keys - An Essential Tool

One of the most overlooked line of tools are tools that are used to manipulate locks, with one stand out example being jiggler keys. Everyone will at some point find themselves or their loved ones locked out of a vehicle, and a set of jiggler keys can solve this problem quickly and efficiently. Easy to use, quick to deploy, and once you successfully use them to unlock a car door those around you will think you are like James Bond.  The reality however is that with the proper tools and practice, anyone can perform the same task and save the day if they own the proper tools, which we can supply here at Keep Shooting.

What Are Jiggler Keys?

Jiggler Keys are a style of key that is shaped in the general dimensions of keys used to open mass market locks, including the locks found on most car doors. These specially formed keys are able to enter the keyway and with a "jiggle" are able to manipulate the tumblers to eventually be able to unlock the lock they are being used in. Think of them as a lock pick tool combined with a tension wrench in one easy to use form factor. With a slight turn and up and down jiggle, the lock pins will lift and the sheer line will hold them as the you eventually manipulate all of the pins above the sheer line to unlock the lock. This method of opening a car door is quicker, safer, and less prone to damage than other methods such as the use of a slim jim or other door tool that can potentially damage things.

How to Open Locks with Jiggler Keys

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