PepperBall - New Standard in Non-Lethal Defense

PepperBall - New Standard in Non-Lethal Defense

The PepperBall has been deployed for over 25 years and with this length of service has demonstrated a rich history of trust and reliability. We've all seen police officers responding to riots armed with PepperBall rifles which bear a close resemblence to paintball guns with the distinctive hopper. What you may not know is that PepperBall has produced a full line of civilian gear that is just as effective as the police variants. 


PepperBall® is the most powerful non-lethal technology on the market today. With solutions for law enforcement professionals and consumers, PepperBall gives you safer options - first.

What Is PepperBall?

PepperBall is the world leader in powerful, safe and effective non-lethal self defense. Composed of the launcher which is armed with pepperballs, the results when used in a self defense scenario are a powerful one-two punch. The intense kinetic energy of the PepperBall hitting your target produces a 12-foot burst of pepper irritant powder, which consists of one of the hottest of the six capsaicinoids found in pepper plants. This Pepper Cloud will incapacitate any threat and remains active in the air for up to 15 minutes, giving you plenty of time to escape to a safe space to call 911.

Selecting A PepperBall Launcher

There are multiple PeppperBall launcher options, however we only recommend the TCP - Tactical Combat Pistol as it provides both a familiar course of action to aim and fire and provides a visual deterrence that other launchers do not have. Should you need to defend yourself with your TCP your assailant will assume you are pointing a gun and the kinetic energy from the PepperBall along with the audible impact will reinforce this. You simply need to chose whether or not you want the yellow or black TCP launcher, with the main benefit of the yellow launcher being a visual indicator to responding officers that you are armed with a less-lethal device.

Adding one of the PepperBall TCP Ready to Defend kits to your gear bag will ensure you have maximum response options, no matter what level of threat you face. For those situations where less-lethal "near-gun" response is required, the PepperBall TCP is the answer. With nearly three decades of service, no other less-lethal response offers the level of force and proven threat stopping power than PepperBall.