Why Colored Handcuffs Are Becoming So Popular

While the classic design of handcuffs has changed little since their invention, the ability to apply various durable metal finishes has become one of the latest trends. One of the first handcuff manufacturers to use systems like Electrolytic Polyureathane Plating has been the Peerless Handcuff Company and the results are truly exceptional.

Some of our law enforcement customers have purchased colored handcuffs to help provide for better visualized training in their jail facilities. By using different colored restraints inmates can be quickly classified at their threat level allowing quick identification by officers. There are also circumstances where inmates may have medical conditions that require special treatment and visual indicators such as these colored handcuffs make this process easy for staff at all levels.

Suggested Uses for Colored Handcuffs

Red Handcuffs - These handcuffs are ideal for prisoners who represent security threats such as potential for violence. The color red is recognized internationally as a warning color and by applying red handcuffs to a restrained inmate you are in effect warning staff that this prisoner is prone to violence or is dangerous. 

Pink Handcuffs - These handcuffs have been used as a form of punishment for inmates who have violated rules. With the hyper-macho environment among prisoners, no one wants to be seen wearing pink handcuffs so rules are followed. 

Blue Handcuffs - These handcuffs have been used on prisoners who are prone to emotional disturbances who need extra observation. This can include those who suffer for depression or those who have other mental disturbances that may be a danger to themselves but not others.

Yellow Handcuffs -These handcuffs are good for situations where high visbility would be of benefit. This could be when inmates are part of a work party that happens outside of the walls of the jail or other similar controlled environment.

Orange Handcuffs - These handcuffs have been used by multi-jurisdictional teams to help ensure gear ownship is visually indicated by using handcuffs that use a non-traditional color.

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