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The British Army Waterproof Men's Smock is a waterproof British Army jacket that is finished in woodland DPM camouflage. Designed to offer soldiers a waterproof smock that is cut to the same dimensions as the windproof smock, these Gore-tex like jackets are great for outdoor activities in the rain. This jacket is perfect to keep on hand for weather emergencies and is a great inexpensive alternative to commercial grade Gore-Tex jackets.

The British Army Woodland DPM camouflage pattern is one of the most recognized in the world. With Woodland DPM being very close to USGI Woodland Camouflage, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts have enjoyed British Woodland DPM for many years. Woodland DPM is a very close match to the type of wooded environment that is commonly found in North America, making any Woodland DPM camouflage ideal for use.

One of the most valuable pieces of outer wear is any jacket or parka that provides water resistance. This British DPM smock was designed specifically to meet the needs of British Soldiers when it comes to water proof jackets. The MVP fabric that was used to construct the jacket provides a water proof jacket that is also breathable making it ideal for long term use while in the field or on patrol.

  • Authentic British Army Waterproof Jacket
  • Two Front Chest Pockets
  • Integrated Hood
  • Velcro Adjustable Sleeves
  • Double Front Zipper with Velcro Storm Flap
  • Woodland DPM Camouflage
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