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The Chemical Light Sticks are brand new chemical lights that are commonly known as glow sticks. These glow sticks are available in a variety of colors, come individually packaged, and were produced recently. There are numerous uses for chemical lights, with summer upon us and night time activity being popular these are excellent to have around. Simple to use, take from package and snap the stick and it will begin to light up.

Chemical Lights like these have been used for decades. They provide a non-electric light source for emergency situations where power may be out. You can also use these light sticks for camping where you might want a light source but cannot start a fire. During Halloween your kids can hang one from their costume to ensure that they can be seen while out trick-or-treating. Much like paracord, the possible uses for these glow sticks is limited only by your imagination.

We stock these chemical lights as they have proven to be a high quality glow stick. These chemical lights are made in Taiwan, where the factory that produces them creates the same glow sticks for use by the Taiwanese military. This ensures that you will not be disappointed by a glow stick that does not glow for long or is not as bright as you would have wanted. Each package is marked with the date of expiration, which ensures that you are not buying expired glow sticks like you will commonly find for sale at other locations.

  • 6 Inch Chemical Light
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Foil Packaged for Storage
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