CZ 82 Magazine – 12-Round Staggered Box Magazine for the CZ 82 Pistol

CZ-82 Magazine

The CZ-82 Magazine is a brand new magazine designed to be a replacement magazine for the CZ-82 or CZ-83 pistol. These magazines utilize the thicker style floor plate to provide a better grip when shooting your CZ-82. The magazine capacity is 12-rounds and every component on the magazine is from brand new production. With original CZ-82 magazines becoming very hard to acquire and expensive, our magazines are a reliable alternative.

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Description / CZ-82 Magazine

The CZ 82 magazine is a staggered box magazine that we had designed specifically to meet the needs of CZ-82 pistol owners. The magazine holds 12 rounds of 9x18mm Makarov (9mm Makarov) ammunition and is manufactured entirely from steel, save the floor plate. The steel body has been fully heat treated and features a rear seam that has been laser welded to ensure your magazine remains durable and reliable for years to come.

We did not simply produce a copy of the surplus magazine. We wanted to ensure we produced a 100% reliable, functional, and high performance magazine. The use of modern manufacturing methods like the laser welded body and also complemented by the use of a magazine spring that is 7 percent stronger than surplus magazines. This increased spring power makes our magazine closer to the factory original in performance than any surplus magazine for the CZ-82 or CZ-83 pistol.

  • Factory New CZ-82 Magazine
  • 12-Round Capacity
  • Fits and Feeds 9x18 or 9x17
  • Thicker Floor Plate
  • Works with CZ-82 or CZ-83

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Manufacturer United Defense LLC

Customer Reviews

Best Magazines on the Market
Review by Dr. Jas e
In competitive shooting all my factory CZ magazines failed. I order five of these magazines from Keep Shooting, when they arrived I put them through multiple tests. They are four times better than the factory magazines: better stronger springs (nicely coated); better followers for easier loading; way better foot plates that improved my grip; and handled heavier ammunition with cracking the seams - seams are lazer welded for added strength. My advice is to throw away those useless CZ factory magazines and to what I did - buy a minimum of five; you will never regret that!
Works well.
Review by Bob
Inherited 2 10 round mags. One factory original blocked and 2nd aftermarket 10 round from 90's. The action on these are smoother than what appears to be period correct mags. Will order more when available again. Keep making these!!!!! Thanks.
Perfect function
Review by Sean
Flawless in my cz83
Better than others
Review by Paul
It's amazing to me how many people have reported problems with their CZ 82/83s jamming. I'm one of them. I have read about everything that's been published about this, and the issue comes back to defective magazines. I ordered three from CDNN Sports, and they were terrible. I get 2-3 jams per magazine, every time. So when I saw these from Keep Shooting, I was really intrigued, especially since so many buyers had positive comments about them. The three I bought were a lot better than my others, but each mag jams on about the tenth round. The springs must be weak at that point. These will have to do, since they're better than anything else I've found. A shame really, that a CZ pistol could have so many problems..
High quality
Review by matthew
High quality magazines for a good price. They cycle all the time. The fit is good some of them drop free, other have to take out by hand at the beginning. Once you shoot them enough they free up and drop free. They stand the test of time. I have been having them for over 2 years. Well worth the buy.
CZ 82 Magazines
Review by Bak47
Bought 5 of these. Work flawlessly. I was pleasantly surprised, considering some of the mixed reviews. Just shot all 5 magazines with Brown bear 9x18. Not one failure. High quality, should last a long time. Only complaint at all: It is DAMN hard getting that 12th round in mag. Even with uplula loader. Very happy highly recommend. Thanks KS.
Great value
Review by Tom
Very close to original CZ build. Fits very well and feeds reliably. And you cannot beat the price. Thanks!
No good.
Review by Jsunshine
Bought two. Fine at first but after 300 rnds each the feed lips spread and would not feed at all. Keep shooting handled it well though once I notified them.
rough loading great feed
Review by Roger
it's rough loading the mags the 12th round is a real pain but the feed is great as long as you're not using Hornady rounds
If you can't get true surplus get these!!!
Review by Ben
If you can't find true surplus mags (who can?), buy these and only these. I purchased the 3-pack, skeptical that i was wasting my money. Back story -I have purchased 6 so-called factory mags from J&G and Wideners. Only 1 works... Sometimes. 1 of them split open at the range while loading rounds. Crap and a waste of money. These mags have a great weld and are solid, not cheap. Will buy more soon!
Tight Fit, Perfect feeding
Review by David
I found these to be a very tight fit as the had to be pushed to fit and to pulled to remove on both my CZ 82 pistols.. Wear marks on the magazines on both the rear and from the magazine catch indicate this as well.
After a little sandpaper work, and opening the top of the magazine catch hole they worked fine and slip in and fall out easily.
When seated (before and after the sandpapering and hole mod). they had perfect feeding of multiple types of rounds such as FMJ, JHP and penetrator types.
I'll be buying more as it is so difficult to find them anywhere.
Best quality
Review by Eric
I have as many bought magazines that claimed to be authentic but had the cheap floor plates, springs that hang up, etc. I received the three pack today and they were put in use right away. ZERO issues with all three! Loaded easily, fed perfect, slow and rapid fire cycles were joy! Another home run for this company!
Review by Tommyt654
I had purchased in the past from 2 other companies claiming to have original CZ magazine for sale. Baloney, what they had ate an aftermarket Chinese manufactured magazine with the CZ stamped on the bottom of the mad. They are junk. These magazines from KEEPSHOOTING are the real deal and functioned perfectly in my CS-82
Great product and great value
Review by Dr. Michael
Fit perfectly, all three mags dropped fire. As good or better than the original magazine.
CZ Treasure!
Review by Roscoe
After a frustrating search for CZ 82 mags at a REASONABLE price, KeepShooting was able to deliver. Great mags for a great pistol. Zero issues with function. Only need to be fitted a bit to drop freely.
Good as any I have
Review by Dan
I ordered these for my CZ 83. They work perfectly and are every bit as nice as the ones that came with the gun - a used Czech surplus purchase. These are much nicer than some alleged CZ manufactured thin floor plate models I acquired recently. I'm glad I bought 3.
Review by Michael
bought 3 to try out in my cz82. didn't ge to take them out until yesterday. absolutely flawless fit and function. am buying more as soon as I can scrape together the cash!
Another upgraded design
Review by John
Okay, the first thing you'll notice is the different baseplate on this magazine when comparing it to an original CZ issue. The aluminum, not plastic, baseplate is better than the original stamped sheet metal plate in that it essentially lengthens the grip by about 1/4"-3/8". I personally find the CZ-82 grip size to be perfect in every way, but this baseplate design makes it somehow better. As noted before, the spring is nice and tight and I'd add that the follower is exactly the same as the original. This new design is also more simple to disassemble and reassemble than the original. The takedown pin in the baseplate locks up every time with no trouble, compared to the CZ stamped style.
Flawless Function in All My CZ82's
Review by Marcus
I purchased 10 of these magazines. All 10 of them function 100% and drop free in every CZ82 I own. Would buy again if I needed them, but 10 mags seems enough at this time.
9 X 18 Magas
Review by Paul
Great mags and price. One thing though, Have to pull., and I mean PULL, to get the Mags out of the gun. Have to do some work on them, or wait until they "wear" a bit. Will buy more though at this price and quality.

Good Mags
Review by Kevin
Ordered three magazines. Tried them out today. All functioned flawlessly. Springs are tight. No failure to feeds. Slide locks to the rear upon last fired round. Empty magazines dropped free upon release where as my two original mags have to be pulled out. Good mags, good price.
Looks great, however.
Review by Charles
Visually, nearly identical to the originals. However, would not drop when mag release pushed. Had to be pulled out by hand. Needs a light filing above the catch hole to keep it from rubbing so it will drop freely like the originals.
Great magazine
Review by larry
Just received the new production magazine, and it was worth the wait for it. Well made, with the thicker floorplate. Can hardly wait to take it out shooting.
Fit perfectly
Review by RemMax
After waiting more than a year KOS Finally got these in stock!
I was so happy they finally had them I ordered 5 immediately last Friday (02/28/14)
Well my package arrived today a week later and I found my 5 new CZ82 mags inside
While I haven't had time to go to the range to check them while firing yet here is what I can tell about them to date

These mags are well made and have a nice finish on them
The fit in my gun without issue and feed loaded ammo by hand perfectly
The only thing I have seen so far that I am unsure about is the seam on the rear of them
On my 2 factory mags the rear seam is welded and ground flush
On the KS mag the rear seam does not appear to have been welded at all
I'm guessing it was at least spot welded but can't tell for sure
AND Finally... Since these are HALF the price of Mil-Surp mags I am extremely happy with them so far!

The easiest way to separate the aftermarket KOS mags from original (over priced) Mil-Surp mags is the Floor Plate
My Mil-Surp Mags have a metal floor plate while the KOS mags have a plastic Floor plate that is thicker

Overall these appear to be the same high quality that all my other KOS mags have been to date, they fit and feed by hand flawlessly
I will update this review later after I actually get to the range and test them under live fire to make sure they feed as well firing as they do by hand
While the rear seam don't Appear to be welded it don't appear it will be a problem either
Overall I am quite happy with these mags and will likely order 5 more in the near future

Thanks for finally getting these in stock KOS
Another great product! :-)


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