DPMS SBR Full Auto BB Rifle

The DPMS SBR Full Auto BB rifle is a compact air gun that features a full auto rate of fire over 1400 rounds per minute. With realistic weight and function, this air gun is ideal for training and is loads of fun.

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  • DPMS SBR Full Autop BB Rifle
  • 6 Position Adjustable Butt Stock
  • Blowback Action
  • 25 Round Dropout Magazine
  • Flip Up Iron Sights
  • Angled Foregrip
  • Velocity: 430 ft/sec
  • Rate of Fire: 1400 rounds per minute
  • UPC: 028478150676
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Overall Rating
<p>Perfect for training and loads of fun</p>
Review by Jan X.
<p>Perfect for training and loads of fun.  You can "run and gun" safely with this DPMS air gun, whereas the same couldn't be said about a real AR.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Made well!</p>
Review by Gordy U.
<p>Sometimes air guns look cool but are made poorly.  This DPMS air gun is the rare exception where it looks cool AND is made well!</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Great weight, I have a acog and a red dot on a canted rail</p>
Review by Marielena M.
<p>The trigger guard will cut your finger if you aren’t wearing gloves or applied electrical tape</p>
Overall Rating
<p>I like it</p>
Review by Florinda A.
<p>It a good BB gun just like a ar15 but I had to send it back because soming was wrong with it</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Great buy.</p>
Review by Clinton N.
<p>I really like this and my son really likes this. Super fun to shoot and is very accurate. It is heavy and made with high quality.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Awesome bb gun!!!</p>
Review by Amaury U.
<p>All around fun powerful powerful realistic field</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Let's be real: it's a toy not a gun. But on that basis... A+</p>
Review by Alma W.
<p>Super-fun. We set up old soda cans and similar and blast away at them with this. It looks cool, works great, and is stupid-fun. On that basis: highly recommended. If you think it's anything more than a fun toy to blast at soda cans or dissuade pigeons from nesting, then you'll be disappointed. The only downside is something that's fully disclosed in the listing - it holds ~30 BBs and take about 2 seconds to discharge them all on full-auto. Plan to reload A LOT and make sure you get the 'auto-load' (which works great) with it.</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Awesome gun</p>
Review by Teri P.
<p>Looks n feels like the real deal. So many extras you can add to it. Totally worth the price. Very accurate. Very powerful. Good gun to get your skills and experience up to speed before getting a real on</p>
Overall Rating
<p>A Blast to shoot</p>
Review by Charlie Z.
<p>Very Realistic compared to my other AR15 cordless hole punchers A lot of fun</p>
Overall Rating
<p>Works great for groundhogs!!</p>
Review by Jerald R.
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