Sig Sauer M17 CO2 Pistol

The Sig Sauer M17 CO2 Pistol is a full scale replica of the next US Army Pistol, the M17. Starting our as the Sig P320, the US Army selected the full sized firearm this CO2 pistol is based on to replace the existing M9 pistol. With full 1:1 scale dimensions that match the live firing M17, this air pistol is an excellent way to train for those who carry an M17 or shoot their M17 competitively.

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  • Polymer Frame and Metal Slide
  • Realistic Blowback Action
  • 20 Round Magazine
  • Picatinny Accessory Rail
  • Fires .177 Caliber Pellets
  • Uses 12g CO2 Cartridges
  • Shoots Like A SIG - Because It Is One™
  • Weighs 2.21lbs
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Overall Rating
Not too happy.
Review by Antoinett A.
<span>Great looking pistol, quality feel. Really neat magazine design regarding the loading of the CO2. But that’s where my liking for the pistol ends. I have put around 1,000 pellets through it in the first couple of days of owning it and I couldn’t hit my cans from 10-20 feet away. It seemed like after the first round is fired, the remaining 19 have no gas power behind them and lazily plop out, with a visible downward arc. I have tried a variety of .177 pellets, with 7.25 grain to 9.7. I won’t bother with the heavier grains anymore. I have watched numerous reviews of this pistol online where the power output seems to be more significant, I do not have a chrono so I’m judging on visuals.<br><br>I have a feeling the one I received may be defective in some way as it seems as though the CO2 is not flowing correctly into the gun. I use pellgun oil and I bought an extra three magazines thinking I would have fun shooting the gun a lot, so I know the problem is not the magazine.<br><br>Hopefully other people have better luck with their’s. It is a really well designed pistol, feels great and looks great. Just didn’t shoot great for me.</span>
Overall Rating
Fantastic training aid
Review by Serafin L.
<span>This pistol is a great training aid. I wanted a CO2 pistol which was as close to my real pistol as possible. This pistol combined with the Sig Air red dot sight fit that ticket. I have been able to consistently shoot 2 inch groups at 10 meters while standing 2 handed without support. It can shoot an inch or so high with a new cartridge and then an inch or so low as the cartridge is on its last breath. The safety, mag release and slide lock are the same as the real version. I have found the 7.4g wadcutter from Crossman to be the best fit for me. When 9mm are costing 40 cents a trigger pull, this is a much cheaper option that allows you to shoot in your home without going to the range. That makes it easy and fun to train each day.<br><br>I want to take a second to address some concerns expressed by other negative reviews.<br><br>1. Leaky CO2 . This also happened to me at around 700 shots. The o-ring in the magazine failed. There are a number of Youtube videos showing how to replace this o-ring. The smaller of the two appears to be 6mm OD and 3mm ID. I can't confirm this as I chose to contact Sig Sauer customer service and they promptly responded and sent out a new magazine. Take note - this has a full one year warranty.<br><br>2. Pellets plug barrel. I have only had this happen twice. Once when the CO2 was on its last breath and another time when an apparent malformed pellet got stuck. Each time, I pushed the pellet out with a wire and continued to shoot without further issue.</span>
Overall Rating
Poor accuracy with multiple ammo brands
Review by Sheldon W.
<span>Cool M17 that's made to last but has poor accuracy with sig airgun pellets and off-brand balls.</span>
Overall Rating
Review by Henry Z.
<span>Realistic features on this pistol can be used as a training device. Blowback is nice except it does not operate a hammer like a real semi auto single action pistol does. Seems to be accurate and has a rifled barrell which means you should not use steel BB's just pellets unless you can find led BB's The best part is the way the mag pierces the co2 cartridge with a quick lever and the 20 round amo belt all in the same magazine, I would recomend this pistol and it's a lot of fun to shoot. I would say you can easily get three 20 round magazines out of one co2 cartridge before it noticably drops off in power.</span>
Overall Rating
Perfect to teach my son
Review by Santos T.
<span>Great Little trainer to teach my son to be gin smart. It has a tiny bit of recoil, so it gives them a little bit of a real feel. And have a safety. It is also the weight of a real gun to really train them.</span>
Overall Rating
This is a well made air pistol! Lots of FUN!
Review by Kashmere U.
<span>This is a well made air pistol! LOTS of FUN! It did jam a few times but that’s due to the fact that the magazine is belt driven & each pull of the trigger rotates the magazine. I think that flat nose pellets might work best….I used crosman domed pellets so that’s probably why I had issues but all & all GREAT air pistol!!</span>
Overall Rating
Even the replacement fails
Review by Katurah P.
<span>This is a restatement after receiving a replacement. DONT WASTE TIME OR MONEY. Some have glowing reports.. But 2 in a row non working units?? 1 star for what handled and looked like the gunpowder version. But then I’m puzzled as the blowback was working but no pellets. The trigger also started sticking so that the trigger finger had too get behind it and nudge it back into position.<br><br>So I field stripped the first one and noticed a pellet still in the breach. So pushed it out. Reassembled etc etc. to no avail. As though it’s just shooting blanks (let’s not go there gents ;-( )<br><br>The second pistol would not advance the belt feed.<br><br>I’d even ordered 2 extra full magazines.</span>
Overall Rating
Identical to the actual M17
Review by Jabria S.
<span>I got this for my stepdaughter and it is identical to my actual M17. Side by side you can’t almost not tell the difference. But the weight it’s accurate also but it very good in training someone for the real thing.</span>
Overall Rating
Perfect Training Weapon
Review by Shakala A.
<span>SIG has done it again. It is the perfect training weapon. The weight is correct, you have the ability to remove the slide like the real weapon and provides easy replacement of the Co2. Easy to load and very accurate. I would recommend buy extra pellet magazines if you want to save time. This weapon will save you a lot of money on Ammo. And it will provide you with the time needed to learn how to draw and fire the weapon safely until you are ready to go to live Ammo.</span>
Overall Rating
Amazing gun
Review by Travis V.
<span>Great for practice with amazing weight! BUT be careful not to shoot anything important this thing will put a hole in something or someone so just be careful treat the gun like a real one stay safe and happy shooting</span>
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