East German Army UTV Combat Belt

East German UTV Combat Belt

The East German UTV Combat Belt is the last combat belt issued by the East German Army prior to reunification. This combat belt is part of the UTV combat harness set yet can be used on its own to carry gear.

Description / East German UTV Combat Belt

The East German Army at its peak was one of the largest military forces in the world. With a constantly growing force there were changes and enhancements made to field gear, uniforms, and weapons on a consistent basis.

One of the very last enhancements to the East German Army was the issuance of the UTV combat set. Depending upon which reference material you use the UTV set was either an experimental or third generation set. We don't have a definitive answer so let's agree that it was simply the last combat set ever released by the East German Army prior to reunification.

  • Authentic East German UTV Belt
  • One Size Fits Most - Up to 42" Waist
  • Olive Drab Color
  • Surplus Used / Near New Condition

Customer Reviews

sturdy belt
Review by Lazy Glenn
Adjusts to size easily, i quickly set up two belts to hold gear / mags , for two different rifles for under $6 ! Appears brand new. Only down side, fits my 34" waist with room to spare, but a 42" as stated might require some modifications. I am glad I bought these.
A great price for a great belt
Review by Ross
"New Old Stock" is the best way to describe the belt I received. The colors on the fabric are bright and crisp, and the thick green paint on the metal reflects only minor storage wear. This belt is of the British and Belgian 'hook and slot' style of adjustment, rather than the American 'hook and eyelet' style, making for a much more accurate size adjustment. You really can't beat this price for a heavy duty belt!
Typical commie stuff
Review by ben
Primitive, tough and ugly. Like most commie gear. Not for big boys. The only concerns in the function of this belt are the cotton-ish belt rotting, and the buckle is sorta thin metal- don't use it as a pry bar. Good value for the price.
Standard P37 style belt at 1/8 the price!
Review by seth
Works fantastically with british ww2 and belgian postwar gear! Though not historically accurate, if you want to use it for airsoft it should be fine. Save yourself $20 and buy this instead of an original!
Review by Chris
Brand new and perfect! Ordera bunch at this price.
Review by Chris
Brand new and perfect! Ordera bunch at this price.
East German UTV Belt
Review by Customer
As with other East German surplus items, this is extremely well made and cheap - about the best quality to value available. Will work great as a stand alone belt &/or with the East German backpack sold here & elsewhere. Like most East German surplus, this is in brand new condition despite its age. No signs of prior use. I'd have bought two, but probably won't wear out even one of these belts.
Durable cool vintage top quality!
Review by Joe
Ordered 2 and was pleasantly surprised at the many uses this Sturdy belt offors. Suspenders, where?? Would be cool to find someday, fit my Belgian Combat trousers beautify without hurting buttons on pants, can expand to about Max to fit over outer light coat/parka etc, can't wait to get more commie gear, stamped sheet metal buckle basic but reliable a plus. No grommets but nylon high tensile strength can stand up to all camp/bugout needs. Only wished I found this site sooner.
Eastern Block Quality lives on
Review by Edwin
I've had the chance to have these fine belts in my hands and I have to say I am impressed. The East Germans, though they copied a lot of kit from the fallen Wehrmacht, did something pretty original, at least compared to the rest of the Eastern Block in making their harness and belt system. This was the modern equivalent to the ALICE gear (the US was making and performs pretty much the same (including pouch adaptability but you want Strichtarn pouches to go on this, it just makes sense). But I say you MUST look for the suspenders that go with it.

Definitely the cheapest you'll find around.
Good Buy
Review by daniel
Well made, never issued not even chipped paint on the buckle. Well worth picking a couple up. As others said it will accept any alice gear.

The only bummer for me was it is not possible to fit the buckles through loops of my leather makarov holster. I like wearing the flap holster when out busting brush on my property. So my old grey East German belt will soldier on. By no means a knock on this belt. Would love to find the rain drop makarov holster to go with this belt.
Sturdy budget belt
Review by rybur
I can attest that these work very well with ALICE clips and probably anything else you can feed it through the loops of. Each end locks in a unique way where a top and bottom hook fits into your choice of a series of ribs along the inside of the belt in order to lock down the length. These ribs might also assist in keeping items on the belt in the same place instead of sliding back and forth like they would on a smooth leather belt. Appear to be brand new as well as built tough. Can't beat the price with a stick.
Super heavy duty
Review by Irina
This belt is nearly indestructible- would be a great gun belt. One note. - for me at least it is too wide for regular jeans belt loops, but may fit tactical pants. Mine arrived in a new/nearly new condition. I especially love that the belt closure is not polymer but metal.
Inexpensive Pistol Belt
Review by 53GR
As a previous reviewer mentioned, it works well with ALICE Clips. However, I'm tempted to use it strictly as a pistol belt, in the way that some officers in Vietnam would have one pistol belt and one load-carrying belt, with the former hooked up to suspenders. There are no suspender rings on the belt and no way that I see to easily attach suspenders to it. However, you can attach mag pouches to the belt and then use the small grommets at the top to hook the LC-2 straps onto.
Review by Michael
This belt is beautiful, and totally old school bombproof construction. The quick release snap is made of metal and totally secure, much better than the plastic usgi gun belt clips.

Totally compatible with usgi alice clips.

Color is darker and better looking than the photo. The price is utterly insane.

The sizing can go up to over 45 inches.. So big folks can wear it too.

I still can't believe the price for the insane quality. Do yourself a favor and don't think twice. THIS BUY IS A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH.

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