FAB Defense CQB Weapon Sling

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The FAB Defense CQB Weapon Sling SL-2 transforms from a three point sling configuration to an extreme tactical one point sling for operating in close quarters. Carrying in a three point configuration is ideal for comfortable long term carry whereas a one point CQB carry provides extreme maneuverability of your rifle when required.

The FAB Defense SL-2 is a three point sling that can quickly transition to an extreme tactical one point sling. FAB Defense designed this sling after listening to the unique needs and requirements of special forces soldiers in the Israeli Defense Force. The IDF has some of the most extreme security needs of any modern army and operates in a harsh climate so any sling designed for the IDF has to be the very best.

The benefits from use of a three point sling are well established with the main benefit being comfortable gun carry. This is one reason why the main system of the SL-2 is a three point carry sling. Where the SL-2 excels is the capability to transition to an extreme one point CQB sling. Where this one point sling can be used is when you need extreme maneuverability of your rifle to perform actions like reaching for your back up holstered pistol.

  • Allows Slinging Rifle In Front to Keep Close and Free Your Hands
  • Rifle Can Be Quickly Moved Behind your Back
  • The One Point Sling Configuration is Ideal for Close Quarters Battle Scenarios
  • Allows for Sift and Effective Weapon Change
  • Durable, Wide, and Comfortable Tight-Weave Webbing
  • Built In Ear Plug Pouch
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