First Defense MK-3 Police Pepper Spray

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The First Defense MK-3 Police Pepper Spray is the most widely fielded aerosol OC unit in the world. More police departments and military forces issue the First Defense MK-3 than any other pepper spray. This wide array of end users is a testament to the effectiveness and versatility of the MK-3 from Defense Technology who ensures that quality and versatility remains paramount in the MK-3 line.

The First Defense MK-3 Police Pepper Spray is the perfect balance between size and efficacy for aerosol deployed chemical agents. There is enough solution in each MK-3 to ensure 10-12 short bursts of irritant can be deployed to subdue a violent attacker using non-lethal means. With the spring loaded flip top blocking accidental discharges the MK-3 can be carried in a pouch on your belt or in your pocket without fear of accidental deployment. Once you need to bring the MK-3 into service it is as simple as flipping up the top and pressing the activator button.

  • Ideal Size for Patrol Officers to WearOn Duty Belt
  • Delivers 10-12 Short Bursts of OC
  • 10-12 Foot Effective Range
  • Available in Different OC Strength Formulations
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