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The Fortress Clothing Jacket Liner is a base or mid-layer cold weather jacket that has been engineered to keep you warm, even while wet. The extreme performance of Fortress Clothing comes from the proprietary engineered polymer that is used as the insulative material in the jacket. There is no area for any moisture vapor to collect, so you stay dry and warm in extreme cold conditions.

The Fortress Clothing Jacket Liner is capable of keeping you warm in environments from -30 degrees to 70 degrees. This astonishing performance is made possible by the engineered polymer that is used to create the insulation for the jacket liner. You will be able to wear just the jacket liner when engaged in winter activities like outdoor sports or casual use With activities like construction or industrial environments, Fortress Clothing recommends a suitable outer layer to protect the materials used to make the jacket liner from punctures or rips.

This jacket and the technology that is inside were designed and manufactured 100% in the United States of America. Originally produced for shale gas and oil field workers, the performance of the Fortress Clothing line built a reputation that was second to none and began to get noticed by other outdoor enthusiasts. With other clothing systems not designed for the extreme environments that Fortress is, you can keep yourself warm and comfortable in critically cold conditions. No other jacket of this size offers the same level of performance as the Fortress Clothing jacket and offers the versatility to create your own layered system to meet your own individual needs.

  • Thermal Insulated with Aeris Inside
  • Windproof, Breathable, Comfortable
  • Complete Moisture Management
  • YKK Two-Way Zippered Front
  • Adjustable Draw Cord Waist System
  • Contoured Sleeves for Added Mobility
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the USA
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