French F1 Day Pack

French F1 Day Pack

The French F1 Day Pack is issued to French armed forces for short trips and field activities. This day pack is sized perfectly for daily carry needs. Neither too big, nor too small the French F1 day pack is certain to become your favorite bag.

Description / French F1 Day Pack

  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Divided interior storage space
  • Hand Carry Strap
  • Two Velcro Sealed Exterior Pockets
  • 100% Original French Military Issue
  • Exterior: 14.5 x 15 x 6
  • Weight: 2.5lbs

These were actually issued day packs, most have names written on them, or other evidence of use. Expect a very good condition bag with lots of history!

More Information

Manufacturer French Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Day ruck
Review by Joe K
Got last of 2 in stock and now have 2. Vintage canvas strapping and metal clasps. Generous inner room, divided section . Back map or flat back storage pocket too. and padded shoulder straps. Outer needs a good Cleaning but intact w/ no damage. French gear is always top quality and now I have 2 day rucks. Thanks again KS!!
Review by Sammy
High-quality backpack. Nice size for a day trip. Good deal.
nice pack for the price
Review by michael
very waterproof lots of lashing straps great pocket sizes should be able to handle a lot of gear. only disappointment only 1 strap adjustable making it more of a sling pack.
Great Day Pack
Review by Conrad
Seems virtually water proof, while I am yet to have tested it out, there seems to be a lot of rubber. Mine came pretty beat up, with a lot of rust on the metal parts. Along with that, some soldier named Roger wrote his name in very large letters on the part that touches your back. Well done Roger. Other than that, everything is in tact and will work perfectly for what I intend to use it for.
great day pack for the price
Review by Benjamin
I ordered this pack early Saturday morning. I recieved it Wednesday. Great shipping. The pack was obviously used but still in great shape. I intend on using this pack as a recon/scout pack for short hunting trips. should work perfect for that. The pack is made of rubberized material and should be fairly water proof. lots of pockets and the overall size is pefect for 1-2 days worth of gear.
Great Laptop Bag
Review by David
I took it on a road trip as my 15" MacBook Pro bag. Besides storing accessories, I can add books and magazines to the bag. The best part is the security pocket in the back where I store my iPad for quick access. One day, I need a small day pack instead of a huge backpack, I just empty it out and use it as a day pack. It is rubberized so it is weather-proof too. I discovered a trick to deal with the strap - after you have secured a strap, you loop the extra bit back through the strap so that you can open it quickly.
Great Motorcycle Pack
Review by Harley
Perfect size for my motorcycle. It stays on it permanently, The bike stays outdoors in the weather all the time. Its been in severe rain storms and does not get any water in it. It will get condensation in it, so I oil up my bushcraft knives and saw/metal things. The pack gets more looks than the bike. The only problem is the buckles, they are tough but hard to get into easily. This is a Great pack for the price,I will get another one soon.
Cool Multi-Use bag
Review by Dorian
Very Cool Bag with a bunch of different pockets for secure storage. Great material. Awesome size, not too big and not too small.
Buy while you can!
Review by Steve
My pack appears brand new, no stains, writing, etc. It is very nice and larger than expected. Many pockets and storage areas. Will be used for EDC, poncho, lunch, and other gear for work. Excellent price for what you get.
Great pack
Review by Hale
The pack i received is in great shape, no names/stains or patches. It's obvious it has been used quite a bit but everything is holding up well. The size is a bit on the smaller side but I expected that so no problem there. It has several different pockets and compartments to organize your stuff and there 4 straps on the bottom for attaching items. They're not very long so they might require a mod to attach a bedroll or blanket to.
Very happy with my pack and recommend you order one to.
Simplicity in Form & Function
Review by DocRod
Well Made... Strong... Water Resistant... Attractive... Day-Pack Plus... Versatile... It does what I want and more... The design is Simple and Solid. Having one makes you want to have an extra on hand just in case.
Review by Dominic
This French day pack makes a nice backpack for school and I've used it for an overnight bag too. Keeps things dry and has plenty of space
Great backwoods pack
Review by Cody
This is my go to pack when I'm teaching a wilderness survival course. Built extremely well. Plenty of places to lash gear down. Everything is buckles/clips and are extremely easy to use with gloves on.
Great ruck sack
Review by David
Mine looks like it was used quite a bit, but its still very much in serviceable condition. I've been using it to tote around a water bottle, snacks, and a light jacket to hockey games and its perfect for this. Would also make a good light camping/outdoors day pack as the fabric has been treated to make it water resistant. I have no doubts that my gear would remain dry in a rainstorm.
On a side note, mime came with the soldiers name written near the area where the straps connect to the top, and also came with some old cracker snack wraps still in it. Definitely gives the bag some more character!
Review by Joe
I bought this after I got my F1 rucksack to use with that pack as a smaller recon pack was I was in camp. It is well built as all french army surplus is and it had a place to carry a bedroll, sleeping Mat and a tool. It would make a great overnight pack as well. Just what I was looking for. Going to try and find a way to attach it to the outside of the ruck soon. With heavy canvas and rubberized vinyl this pack is pretty water resistant and it will serve everyone well. Get one now while they are still around!
great for youths
Review by don
this pack is old world quality. I love canvas packs like this.
This is a day pack, not a main ruck. It is handy when you do not want to haul your entire camp on a hunt or to fish, or as a youths scouting pack or book bag. It will outlast any modern nylon junk Chinese bag any day.
great for a day out
Review by Miguel
Very nice for a day of hiking, can be adjusted so you can bring a day of rations, extra socks or even a light jacket.

the material is sturdy and can resist rain.

is obvious have been used (have the last time of the last owner inscribed) but that give it more "character".
Review by Ernest
This is not a small pack. I don't know what an other reviewer takes with him for a couple of hours. The pack I received is quite large enough for three days of comfortable camping with Canterbury's five C's and much of the rest of the alphabet. Having Four compartments for organization and quick release shoulder straps as well as a rubberized interior and priced at less than 20 bucks consider this a must purchase piece of gear.
Great size Great Quality
Review by Michael
It is a perfect size for so many different activities. It is a great range bag. Holds nylon pistols cases, ammo, eye and ear protection and most anything else you would take to the pistol range. I just now ordered a second one of these packs for my son. Get one while you can. You won't be disappointed. Especially, when you consider the price and quality.
Great for Light Packing
Review by Sergio
As the description says, the day pack is not intended to hold half of your closet, nor is it intended to only hold pocket change. Rather, it is more on the light-moderate side of things when it comes to storage capacity. It can easily function as a school backpack with enough space to hold books, folders, and a lunch. It also perfectly works for going out for a few hours and need to take along some food and a light change of clothes.

It is obviously apparent that the pack has had some previous usage, but it does not deter from its appearance. Rather, it adds onto it, giving it that test-of-time-approved appearance. One of the straps detaches in a snap for those times when you need to quickly take off the pack without having to fumble around. The velcro closure is sturdy but not too loud.

For what it is designed, the F1 Day pack delivers!
good for what u pay
Review by Daniel
its great for what u get. would buy again
Ok but I gave mine away.
Review by Jason
I had one of these awhile back. It was too small for my taste, however I gave it to a good friend of mine and he likes it. He uses it sometimes while training his dog for hunting and he liked the fact that it is small, he told me that it was just enough to hold water and the training supplies he needs for the dog. Also, he told me he likes the fact that the bag is covered with a waterproof material.
Nice backpack!
Review by Victor
I really like this backpack.It is ideal for short trips and hickes.It has lots of room for basic stuff it's easy to carry and its rubberized cloth makes it rain proof...
Good day pack
Review by Bradley
Very nice item. It is in good shape for used. Has soldiers name on the back. Will be using this pack a lot. Highly recommend if you like to hike.
Good Light Duty Pack
Review by Daniel
The pack is a bit small for my taste, but could easily served as a one or two day bug out bag. Perfect for patrols around camp or as a light walking pack, it would be an excellent pack for light duty.

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