Fulton USGI Angle Head MX-991/U Flashlight

The Fulton USGI Angle Head MX-991/U Flashlight is an authentic US Army flashlight which is known around the world for performance and features. Developed from the venerable TL-122 flashlight, the MX-991/U has been produced and used consistently since the Vietnam War era.

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  1. Authentic US Army MX-991/U Flashlight
  2. Previously Issued in the US Army
  3. Uses 2 D-Cell Batteries (Not Included)
  4. Made in the USA/li>
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Overall Rating
Five Stars
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Nice and bright...very good for navigating in tight areas...well made...very good quality...I bought 2...good stuff
Overall Rating
Still made like they were when I was in in the 80's
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Just like the flashlight we had back in my day! A good solid light with a lot of bounce on bright nights or nights you really need to be seen! A nice throw on low nights for that long illuminated perimeter walk! Very happy I have it!
Overall Rating
Vintage yet modern 6558 LE Mk2 (Army) flashlight/torch review
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I bought this 1110 LED replacement lamps. It looks and work well for this vintage US 6558 Military Army 5 modes flashlight/ torch. I had it before but this replacement lamp bring it to new life with modern bright lighting. The original light on a green military style lens it will blind the on coming traffic at night. This LED flashlight replaces the 5 inch long 8271 Military lamp that 50 years of use 15 mins a day and need 4 mins for a new battery to recover. It last 2 months. This LED lamps 20mA ,12v= 6000lm it only need 2.4mA , 7.5v 250mhr= 60mAh or 25 mins for it to fully charged with normal use it will last 3 to 4 year or over time use 6 to 8 hours a day the replacement last over 30 year 6558 to LED replacement lamp cost over 2 to 3 time the price of the original bulb. There is some light diffraction at a angle , if use a lens made to work with a 6558 MOD2 flashlight will solve the 15° angel of light problem. Thanks . My US ARMY 6558 flashlight with my 1110 LED chip for a great replacement bulb for my night work as well as house security
Overall Rating
Great Little Light
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Great little emergency/candlepower back up light! Very small, durable. Invaluable. A must for a go bag. A couple C S Anderson brand bulbs in the back will bring back old memories and make your eyes melt in a drip. The original GI lens is amazing! The addition square one in the front magnifies even more. Great to check small parts or have as an extra illumination. All this with one D cell and with an emergency/GO kit bag it will bring peace of mind. It will give you more of a headache from battery replacement though. It takes some time, good reading glasses, and a torque wrench to make the change without smashing it to bits. Great light for camping too! Easy on the batteries, doesn't run hot, just needs the right bulb and for a kid that was me years ago...its just plain cool! Highly recommend it! Thanks Mag Inst for manufacturing this little classic. Buy American!!!
Overall Rating
Classic! The Army issue version.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Not exactly as I remember but this version seems better than the GI version I was issued in the early 80's but not as bright! The GI version that was on a tripod (rubber) can still be bought on Ebay! Still have it but the GI batteries are gone so I had to replace them with Alkaline cells. If I ever need a good emergency lantern, which is really just a large pen light that can run on regular house current, this would be it! Still works like a charm after 50 years! Still want to buy the US made black GI style tripod one with red reflector! This was a very good light!
Overall Rating
Small but useful flashlight
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I used it to work in caves where you have dark tunnels, or small dark areas where you need a small light source, and not a large battery powered one that is difficult to maneuver in confined areas
Overall Rating
Light bulb version 2.0 works great! Nice LED Flashlight!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Wow this flashlight shines very bright! The updated Cree L2 led version looks great too! Comes with red lens, white, blue. Easy push in bulb removal for cleaning, replace, or for swapping out bulbs. The bright blue light makes it easy for finding dropped screw bits and even leaks. Also a handy tool for reading small type writing when your glasses are misplaced. Buy one today! No second guessing!
Overall Rating
Wow... I was very surprised by this flashlight!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
My old C.I. GI 'flight bag' torch finally gave up and I was looking for something with that same 1970's charm. So, my old Aussie, Exalt from Coolleady's place popped up, 79p. Was pretty pleased but a few quibbles... would it work in Australia (or any country that uses 240v ac)? Could I afford another from Cabelas (at $35)? It arrived the other day and all I can say is: WOW. Great: Solid cast-brass head that gives a 'weight' you don't find anymore: Good, sharp metal focus adjustment and clip that's a simple press fit (so it won't unscrew/cantankerously adjust) A standard wrist strap with two more for a loop around one of your big paws Nice (though not too bright, which will save battery-lifespan over time): The dial switch isn't loose, though it does have a degree of play (again, a plus for life in the desert: no sand getting into things). Now for the niggles: The beam could use some tweaking; a second lens in the a/focus hole is too thick (tho with some imagination one could put it there: The shipping in plastic boxes these days often cause torn/split open corners, which this thing was no exception: so I replaced the seller/manufacturer: On that account alone, there's an old retailer of flashlight in/near Toronto, which is a/my old stomping grounds. You can e-mail them and talk, but the seller's just out of TO. Their minimum shipping costs and buyer adds shipping costs: Add this one too (as it's small): so the flashlight ended up coming at over 1/2 my 56e; hardly worth it for a rebox: Anywho: My old torch from Coolleady arrived (my old Chinese Mini; guessed right, US seller had 12 different Aussie flashlight models): The lens was perfect; there was some shading at the rear, just a bit
Overall Rating
Good buy
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This flashlight fits perfectly in an original A2 version. A little different than my A1 but just as effective
Overall Rating
Review by Keepshooting Customer

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