Galco Miami Classic Shoulder Holster

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Conceal and carry your firearm with this classy leather shoulder rig that provides a right-hand draw as well as a dual magazine holster. This shoulder rig was designed for use on the 1980s classic TV show Miami Vice and has been a favorite ever since.

In 1969, Richard Gallagher founded a small family business in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois known only as The Original Jackass Leather Company. Specializing in high-end holsters constructed almost entirely from horsehide, the company gained quick notoriety for their high quality and unyielding durability. Eleven years later, the name of the company was changed to Galco International before being moved from Chicago to Phoenix, Arizona. Despite having established itself as a major player in the holster industry, the inclusion of their Miami Classic shoulder holster in the television series "Miami Vice" elevated the popularity of the brand and cemented its place as a world-renowned manufacturer. Today, Galco remains as one of the industry's best by producing a range of holsters made from premium saddle leather, ballistic nylon, thermoplastics and horsehide for a range of applications and a range of markets that include military, law enforcement and civilian use.

The Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster, as you may guess, is one of the company's most popular offerings – not because it was featured prominently on "Miami Vice" but because of its use of the unique spider harness, which features the patented Flexalon™ swivel back plate. All four points of the spider harness are connected to the unique clover-shaped Flexalon™ back plate, which allows for the independent pivoting of each point on the harness and thus a comfortable fit for each unique wearer. The holster itself, which is suitable for right-handed drawing, is designed to holster the following pistols: Beretta 92 series, Beretta 96 series, Beretta M9, Taurus PT100, Taurus PT101, Taurus PT92 and the Taurus PT99. Additionally, the rig includes a dual magazine holster.

The Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster features a durable construction that utilizes premium saddle leather and includes a holster, harness, magazine holster and a set of system screws. It is suitable for use with those that have chests that measure up to 52 inches. Perhaps best of all, however, is the fact that the Miami Classic shoulder holster system is completely modular. At this time, a number of accessories designed specifically for this system are available from the manufacturer, which will allow you to customize the system to your liking.

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