German Dust Goggles

These military surplus goggles are great for protection from dust and other airborne particulates as well as the sun and wind. These goggles were originally designed for and used by service men and women enlisted in the German heer, or army, which is one of the five service branches that makes up the Bundeswehr, or unified armed forces of Germany. Though we cannot confirm the issuance of our German dust goggles, each pair appears to remain unissued. As such, they all remain in excellent condition, free from use and the typical wear that hampers the practicality of many pieces of military surplus equipment. And because they were never issued, you can count on these goggles to provide years of protection while cruising on the boulevard or undertaking your next home improvement project.

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Featuring a unique design that lends itself well to concealment and easy transportation, the German dust goggles are pieces of field gear that were originally issued to German soldiers for protection from dust, wind and the sun. As you can imagine, combat operations undertaken by military forces often take place in environments that offer less-than-ideal conditions, which may present hazards to the eyes. The use of these goggles was intended to reduce those hazards by presenting a tinted barrier that blocks out wind and the dust and debris it carries as well as the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. Each pair of German dust goggles boasts a simple folding design that allows them to be safely stowed in the included olive drab vinyl carrying case, which measures approximately 4 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. The goggles themselves feature a soft velvet material that borders the tinted lens, as well as an adjustable elastic headband that offers a comfortable fit.

These German dust goggles are an excellent choice for:

- Collectors

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- Costumes

- Much more…

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Overall Rating
Great for the price, if you're lucky
Review by Gunnar
These are pretty rad goggles, especially for the price. They make you look pretty goofy, but, it the limited time I've used them, do a perfectly fine job at keeping dust and "yard particles". It could probably stop small rocks but it'd probably scratch the lenses and I'd personally get something more heavy duty past that. Lenses are tinted in some mix of brown and orange and aren't super dark, but are plenty tinted enough to stop you from squinting; and the size covers your whole vision, only places that aren't are the small breather holes on the side. Also, they are super lightweight and the pouch they fold into is only about ~2 inches larger than a credit card on both sides. All the downsides of these are from the fact that they are NOS. I ordered 2 and they both had slightly different straps - one was thinner and didn't grip my face as well, the other felt pretty thick and fit my face right out of the pouch. Also, looking at the lenses in the light reveals many scratches from the lenses sitting and rubbing together for 50 odd years. Both of my pair were still 100% useable and the scratches weren't a hindrance at all when they're actually on your face, but I can see how some, like in some of the other reviews, would be completely unusable. Lastly, since the lenses are a sort of bendy plastic, they kind of warp and distort your vision slightly, but it is a very minor issue. These don't work well with prescription glasses, you can make them fit but you won't get a good seal and it isn't very comfortable. Anyhow, most of the negatives are outweighed by the price. I plan to buy a bunch more to have on hand since they're super cheap, small enough to store anywhere to have on hand, and beat anything else I've seen at this price point (3.95 USD at the time of this review).
Overall Rating
great for your glovebox
Review by seth
Good to keep on hand when you anticipate dust or other particulates, specifically on the road.
Overall Rating
OK. Good buy for the price.
Review by Trevor
Ordered these goggles for a relative during Christmas, they were amazing! A few months later I decided I wanted a pair of my own. They came scratched and scuffed pretty bad. Unusable. Seems that it's a hit and miss with these. I might order another pair in the future with my next order and hope for the best just because of the price. Normally everything from K.S. Is superb.
Overall Rating
Review by Czechguy
Pretty neat goggles/glasses. When I first opened them I was disappointed, but that changed as soon as I put them on. Vision quality is excellent, tint is a darkish orange color that somehow blocks the sun while keeping things bright. Very durable, as well as comfortable. You will however, look like an alien as soon as you put them on. I keep mine in my bob, since its just not possible to crush these.
Overall Rating
Cant Beat German Quality
Review by Don
I now have several pair, I was a bit worried at first, the price seemed to cheap, I guess i'm jaded from cheap imports that never to last I was wrong, a great design at a great price.
Overall Rating
Worth the money
Review by Jeff
These aren't heavy duty goggles but they work perfect for when you need some light eye protection from anything smaller than a rock, like sand, dust, dirt, yard clippings etc. Mine were in very good condition no scratches on the lenses or tears in the elastic head band, they don't work well with glasses however.
Overall Rating
Nifty but worthless.
Review by Gabriel
Came in a sealed plastic bag. Inside was a small vinyl envelope. Inside that were the goggles... It's all very flat. Opened bag, opened next bag, pulled out my goggles and the lenses are completely marred, scratched, tarnished, hazy - pretty much unusable. I surmise that folding the goggles flat presses the lens surfaces together and they rub. So, I'm really bummed.
Overall Rating
Just awesome
Review by Logan
Yes, these are a bit different looking goggles, so if you wear them anywhere in public you'll catch some looks, but as far as using them for yard work or a hiking/camping scenario for $4 they beat any sunglasses. Eye coverage is great and the pouch they come in make them easily fit in your pocket.
Overall Rating
very neat item
Review by Robert
very neat item from the old german military. Great to have in collection and very inexpensive.
Overall Rating
Sunglasses from the planet Vulcan
Review by rodney
Captain, can we stop by Starbase 7432, I need a new pair of Vulcan Goggles. Well that's what they look like, but boy do they fit good. I have had to resort to wearing eye protection for dust & dirt since I got a zero turn lawnmower a few years ago. I also wear a big pair of ear protectors with am/fm radio. The safety galsses rub the tops of my ears raw after about 45 minutes on the mower with the hearing protection. These cool goggles have no arms, just an elastic band, They feel great on my face, fold flat, and I mean flat and come with a quality plastic case (stamped Wright 1966) They made great plastic back then. I liked them so good I ordered 3 more pair. The goggles are tinted and have small vent holes. Ones I got looked un-issued. Yes you will draw attention, but your eyes will thank you. Leave it to the Germans again, looks wild but works great. 46 year old goggles still look and work like brand new, elastic like new, WOW! You can put these in your hip pocket, sit on them, no effect, just open them and put them on. Don't know about UV protection. Guess I will find out when warm weather gets here.

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