The German Navy Deck Knife is a brand new knife by Mil-Tec of Germany which is a faithful reproduction of the German Navy Deck Knife. These knives are designed to be used by Navy sailors as the marlin spike that is on the knife makes knot work simple and quick.

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  • German Navy Deck Knife
  • Marlin Spike with Safety Catch
  • 3 Inch Blade
  • Total Length: 7.5 Inches
  • UPC: 4046872284014

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Customer Reviews

Great riggers tool

Review by Karna S.
Verified Buyer

Gift for a friend who is a tree surgeon, watched him fighting with his ropes and ordered this. Quality much higher than expected, locking Marlin Spike, nice heavy tool great for breaking knots. Probably gonna order one for myself also

It's a Chinese copy

Review by Rusty R.
Verified Buyer

I'm OK with it for the price, but in no way is this a well-made tool. Note in the pic that the blade doesn't fit into the handle. But it will cut rope just fine and the marlin spike is really sturdy which is what I care about. Only the spike locks. It's an inexpensive useful tool to throw in your bag in case you need it, but it's nothing you'd want someone else to see.

Disposable tool

Review by Reesha H.
Verified Buyer

This knife was purchased early December 2020. I have put it through minimal duties, compared to what it was designed for. I have not attached any small stuff or other rope work to the lanyard ring. But after less than 7 months of use, the pin holding lanyard ring, which is also the pivot point for the blade, has lost an end and is loosening out. The blade is no longer secure like it was before, and I expect the tool to be in 3 or more pieces very soon. Recommend this tool only if you need it for a short period of time or are evaluating usefulness of a marlin spike. Buy something more solid if you need it for a deployment or long term. This is a tool to throw away after a half a year, probably less if it’s used every day for what it was designed to do.

Nice knockoff well priced

Review by Staphanie L.
Verified Buyer

It's nice, but I'm sure it is a knockoff and I doubt it is really from Deutschland.

Really really nice

Review by Benjaman Q.
Verified Buyer

Great knife, great value for cost.

Good price but quality not there

Review by Misha T.
Verified Buyer

Received the knife today. Up close viewing show knife blade not centered, even worse, the spike are bent sharply to left. This blades are thick and hard material to straighten out.

Traditionally functional.

Review by Laroi B.
Verified Buyer

Mainly got this knife cause I prefer ropes to straps when fastening lids in my truck. And figured this might speed up unloading. Plus I’ve been in the marked for a more traditional and this does double duty. Plus it has the WWII era look to it. Super sturdy design. Came just as advertised. The design is a little backwards having the loop on the blade side. And kinda wish the lock held the blade as well. Or a liner lock. But the marlin spike works great. Perfect tapir and fat enough at the end to really make a deference when loosening knots.

Solid Well Made Marlin Spike

Review by Leah W.
Verified Buyer

This German made folding marlin spike and knife is outstanding for working rope. It is exactly what I needed to untie extremely tight knots stiffened by exposure to the sun - perfect for the mariner/sailor or anyone that uses ropes and lines to secure things from the seas and winds.
Would definitely buy again, but this tool will last more than my lifetime.
Ordering through Keepshooting was painless and delivery extremely rapid.

Quality marlin spike

Review by Floyd E.
Verified Buyer

Knife wasn’t super sharp but took a great edge. Works as I tended

German Machining

Review by Juwon B.
Verified Buyer

This knife is of fine quality. I read reviews stating Made in China. No evidence whatsoever this knife or any part of it came out of China. The products from Germany are usually of high quality. This is a really nice knife and spike.

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