GLOCK Disassembly Tool

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The GLOCK Disassembly Tool is a simple and quick tool that can be used to disassemble any GLOCK pistol. With disassembly being important to maintain your GLOCK, consider this tool as an essential accessory for your range bag.

The GLOCK Disassembly Tool is a GLOCK factory tool that is designed for quick disassembly of any GLOCK pistol. This easy to use tool is sized perfectly for this important task for proper GLOCK maintenance. Don't use a tool that isn't sized right and potentially damage the finish of your GLOCK, use the tool designed by GLOCK and you'll protect your prized GLOCK.

  • Factory GLOCK Disassembly Tool
  • Works with Any GLOCK Pistol
  • GLOCK Part Number: GT03374
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