HK G3 Muzzle Protector

The HK G3 Muzzle Protector is a hard polymer protective cover for the HK G3 rifle. While transporting your rifle or storing it place this muzzle protector over the end to help prevent damage to the muzzle of your rifle. As an added bonus this muzzle protector will also prevent dirt or debris from entering the muzzle of your rifle which helps preserve the accuracy you expect from you G3.

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The HK G3 Muzzle Protector is a simple to use and highly effective accessory for the HK G3 rifle. This muzzle cap is designed to fit over top of the HK G3 Flash Hider and will remain in place until you are ready to remove it where it easily comes off. Once in place the muzzle protector will provide a protective layer and cover for the muzzle end of your HK G3 which is essential to maintaining your rifle long term.

  • Authentic German Army HK G3 Muzzle Protector
  • Fits Over HK G3 Flash Hider
  • Works with Any HK G3 Style Rifle
  • Made from Hard Black Polymer

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Brand German Army Surplus
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Customer Reviews

Nice addition to a restored HK-91
Review by GBrick
Verified Buyer
It fits and matches the rest of the accessories
Works great on a PTR 91
Review by Concours14
Verified Buyer
I purchased this for my PTR 91. I was concerned that it may not work as the flash hider on this gun looks a little different. It fit perfectly. It fits on the muzzle brake very well. It’s in good condition and looks nice. A nice accessory for these types of guns. I’m happy with the purchase.
Not worth the money
Review by Chris
Verified Buyer
Serviceable but poor quality. These used to be offered in packs of 4-6. Received one crappy, well used muzzle cap . . . . .live and learn !
Sweet deal
Review by rybur
Verified Buyer
I can attest that they fit nicely on a standard A2 birdcage flash hider, but are a bit larger than my CAI CETME's flash hider so the cover loosely sits over it. Curious to see how many other types of muzzle devices these will fit. These are exactly as advertised and make a great $2 add-on (for five covers!).
Handy protection for your bore
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
These fit snugly over your flash hider and keep rain, mud and general debris out of your barrel.
Good item to have on any rifle with a flash hider.
They can be shot off without removing them first without damaging your rifle or affecting accuracy.
Great item to keep a pile of handy. Be glad when they get back in stock so I can pick up a few more packs.
Handy to have on hand.
P.S. These also work on hunting rifles to keep accuracy effecting debris out of your barrel while trooping through the woods.
Works a lot better than condoms for that purpose, I try to always keep a pile on hand.
Great caps...
Review by Jeff
Verified Buyer
I use these on AR's too... They fit well and aren't too difficult to remove.. Great price/value..
Review by Nato
Verified Buyer
HK muzzle breaks are longer than standard bird cage breaks. These caps cover the entire flash hider, can be shot off the rifle without damage to the rifle, and are excellent protection in the field to keep debris out of the barrel should a mishap (such as a slip in the mud with the muzzle down) happen.

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