Italian Army Field Soup Cooker

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The Italian Army Field Soup Cooker is a complete system for cooking soup or stew in the field for soldiers. Consisting of a transit case, isothermal pot, and ladle that gives you every aspect you need for cooking proper stew or soup for your unit.

The Italian Army Field Soup Cooker is an example of Italian Army engineering. Rather than provide troops with simple MRE style meals, the Italian Army in the 1970s produced some of the best field cooking equipment ever fielded. This soup or stew cooker is an example of this, having been designed to allow for cooking stew in the field. The stews cooked in this set would give Italian soldiers a meal that tasted "home cooked" that also met their nutritional needs while in the field. You can use this set to prepare stew at your hunting camp or anywhere else as it is designed to be fully portable with the transit case.

  • Authentic Italian Army Soup / Stew Cooker
  • Transit Case Lid Has Integrated Cutting Board - Add Fresh Vegetables or Meats to Cook
  • Isothermal Pot inside of Transit Case - Keep Stew or Soup Base Warm and Even Temperature
  • Large Serving Ladle
  • Heavy Duty Construction - Chain and Clasps
  • Dimensions: 23" x 15" x 17" (approximate)
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