M1911 Cavalry Holster

For much of the history of our nation, the United States Cavalry served as the mounted force of the United States Army. In fact, it served dutifully from 1775 through 1951. And during those nearly two centuries' worth of service, the U.S. Cavalry saw many service firearms come and go. But none, however, were more iconic than the M1911, which joined the ranks of the Cavalry in its final years of service.

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All M1911 Cavalry holsters offered by Keepshooting.com are reproductions of the original holster that saw issue beginning in 1912. As such, they are all in brand new condition, which means they are free of wear and tear. And even though the appeal of an original holster, outside of being correct, is its tattered appearance, the condition of our M1911 Cavalry holsters makes them much more suitable for both display and actual use.

Measuring approximately 15 inches in total length, the M1911 Cavalry holster is constructed almost entirely from full-grain tanned leather. The leather, which makes up a majority of the holster, is held together with steel rivets and military-grade stitching. The holster also features solid brass hardware. All features present on the original are faithfully reproduced here, including the "U.S." stamp on the closure flap, which is secured via a slot and stud fastener. Other details include a full swivel with a belt hangar, which allows for the adjustment of the angle of cant, and an adjustable leather thigh strap that can be used to keep the holster in place.

Though the M1911 Cavalry holster was designed specifically for use with the M1911 pistol, its size makes it compatible with a range of modern large-frame pistols, including the Beretta 92FS and other similarly-sized pistols.

Pay tribute to the famed U.S. Cavalry and the icon that is the M1911 by picking up your M1911 Cavalry holster today. Whether you plan on using the holster or you are a collector, the quality and craftsmanship of this fine reproduction is sure to please. Consider this holster for:

- Reenactments

- Collections

- Display

- Much more…

Overall Rating
M1911 Cavalry holster
Review by Easytag
Well made, durable, and fits the weapon that it was made for perfectly. Other full size weapons fit it as well. A great value for the money.
Overall Rating
Great looking, heavy duty holster!
Review by Henry
This holster should last many years with heavy use. Nicely made of thick, good quality leather. This is a reproduction of the holster my grandfather used when he served with the US Cavalry...A Troop...5th Cavalry... until WWI when the cavalry became "mechanized", as he called it. The holster is quite stiff..as most new holsters are...but soaked in water, and the pistol wrapped in plastic and allowed to dry, the holster will stretch out nicely and mold itself to my Springfield 1911-A1 Mil-spec pistol. Rubbing Mink oil into the holster once dried will preserve it nicely.
Truly nostalgic and at a great price!

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