The Magpul DAKA Essentials Wallet gives you an easy way to carry just your essentials in a zero-printing wallet. With space for three ID or access cards and three credit cards with room for essential currency the DAKA Essentials wallet has enough room for what you need without too much room for clutter. Made in the USA by Magpul and designed for those who need the very best.

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The Magpul DAKA Essentials Wallet is sure to please any modern man. With pocket space now being taken over by important things like every day carry knives, pocket pistols, phones there is a clear need to cut back on non-essentials. Magpul recognized this and has produced their DAKA Essentials wallet which has just enough space for your important cards and cash yet not so much space you carry non-important items. Perfect for a night out on the town and zero printing when in your pocket for added security on the streets.

  • Holds 3-7 Cards Comfortably
  • Made from Reinforced Polymer Fabric with Anti-Slip Texture
  • Slim Profile - Eliminates Printing
  • Rounded Corners - Easy Entry and Exit from Pockets
  • Made in the USA by Magpul

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Customer Reviews

Compact and simple
Review by Jenisa Q.
Verified Buyer
Has 3 slots fit my ID my debit card and a rfid blocking card don't need much just something simple. I like it
Review by Makhi Z.
Verified Buyer
I'm not going to pretend to fully understand what type of silicone blended materials this is made of... If you're not counting on this for a daily use item it's probably great. If you're buying this for a daily driver or EDC type of thing... I'd pass on this one. It seems to almost unravel or something in the pocket. Use it for a while and it with have a BUNCH of synthetic white hairs all along the edges. Initially I cut them off... they came back. So I opted to take a light and burn them off, hoping that would stop the bleed so to speak. They're back again. I threw some business cards in it and chunked it in a drawer. Check the more expensive options, though more costly... you'll get what you paid for!
it is slim
Review by Chevon E.
Verified Buyer
When it is mentioned as a wallet, it can be considered a wallet in a loose sense
Very nice.
Review by Tamar Z.
Verified Buyer
Seems durable so far. Fits my lifestyle I only carry one care, a DL and my health insurance card. Have no complaints. Worth the money.
Great option for a slim wallet
Review by Aishah I.
Verified Buyer
I have 4 credit cards in this wallet, plus my license and they fit well, with probably a little more room but not much - and that's exactly what I wanted it for so it's perfect. The flat sides of it are a strong durable material, but the edges seem to fray a bit - but it doesn't affect the strength of the wallet, it just looks fuzzy around the edges. It's not a big deal and when it's time to buy another wallet I will be getting this again.
This is not a thin wallet
Review by Nathin X.
Verified Buyer
Well... it seems durable and well made but it is not a thin wallet by any stretch of the imagination. Its made from a relatively thick laminated rubber material. It is quite stiff and rubbery and isn't that easy to remove from your pocket. I think a standard leather wallet would be more thin than this.
Waste of money
Review by Thaddaeus L.
Verified Buyer
Can fit only 3 cards but on other reviews photos it looks like you can put money cash as well. Waste of time, unusable.
It took 3yr of abuse like a champ
Review by Naijah M.
Verified Buyer
I'm ordering a second one after three years, since I finally figured out how to destroy my first one. Don't stuff yours to bulging and it should last at least that long, probably longer.

After two years of only showing slight cosmetic wear and tear from daily use, I started getting a little adventurous with how much I tried stuffing into this slim little wallet. Just past the three-year mark here, I'm finding that it is actually possible to cause those rock-solid seams to split. The trick was routinely stuffing 5-10 bills in with my standard 7 cards.

It's durable. I've previously used a wallet made from Tyvek, and that things was truly indestructible (no need for replacement even after getting run over by a car). In comparison, Magpul DAKA gets 4/5 for durability. Compared to a conventional wallet, this Magpul deserves 5/5.

It's secure, but not excessively grippy. This wallet slides easily enough into pockets, but it has never let a card slip out in three years, even when almost empty.

It's tiny. The thickness of the wallet is basically the thickness of what you put inside it. Holding a few cards and folded bills in this wallet feels the about same in your pockets as if you used a paperclip instead.

It's simple.

It's affordable. Even after wearing my first one out aggressively, the cost came out around $5 a year.

If it starts bulging, you're probably putting too much into it. To keep it in good shape, limit yourself 5-7 cards and 2-4 bills.
Minimal but amazing Wallet
Review by Graham W.
Verified Buyer
Love this wallet! It is my first slim one and I am not going back to the "traditional". This one is not formal but gave me the sense of carrying less while being functional and modern.

The price was right too!
Awesome but not as good as the original
Review by Darrol I.
Verified Buyer
This wallet is fantastic. Only reason I gave four stars is because I have the original DAKA and it is better. This one has too much going on. Minimalists HATE extra crap. Bring back the old ones Magpul!

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