Mestel Safety SGE 150 Gas Mask

Survival mania seems to be sweeping across the world as 2012 has taken us all by storm. People everywhere are stocking up on firearms, ammunition, gas masks, food, water and any other supplies they can get their hands on. Doomsday preppers even have their own television show now! But if you ask me, people that take survival seriously should be doing a little more than just stocking up on weapons and Twinkies. You want to survive the end of the world? Then you should probably start thinking about physical fitness as well.

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Face it, physical fitness is hard to achieve. And if Homer Simpsons taught me anything, it is that if something is hard, then it is probably not worth doing. But in all seriousness, health is no laughing matter. If you have any interest in preparing for the apocalypse, you should probably give your fitness some heavy consideration. But you should also prepare for hazardous environments, which means picking up a worthwhile gas mask. This means no surplus gas masks, but a modern, fully-functional mask such as the Mestel Safety SGE 150 gas mask. Each SGE 150 gas mask is a brand new, factory-direct gas mask, putting it miles ahead of any surplus gas mask you may find.

As noted, Mestel Safety has 58 years of experience in molding rubber goods, providing only products of the highest quality. The manufacturing plant, located in Genova, Italy, is not only a NATO classified supplier, but an ISO 9001-2000 certified company as well. This means that they strictly adhere to the commercial standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and have dedicated themselves to quality control and customer satisfaction. In fact, for a company to achieve such certification, they must undergo an intensive audit in which all aspects of the manufacturing process are scrutinized. The Mestel Safety SGE 150 gas mask is a serious mask for serious conditions.

The Mestel Safety SGE 150 gas mask is a size medium/large (labeled by the manufacturer) and is completely adjustable by way of a six-point harness. Quick and proper fitting is easily achieved with the inclusion of zip-pulls on the harness. Additionally, the butyl rubber face piece provides a seal around the face of the user that is not only tight but comfortable as well. As you may have noticed, many surplus masks feature a set of twin goggles built into a rubber mask, which presents many disadvantages in regard to vision. The SGE 150 utilizes a wide polycarbonate, full-face visor that provides a virtually unobstructed panoramic view and eliminates all of the problems generally associated with surplus masks. The visor is treated for both ballistics and chemical aggression and includes a comfortable rubber skirt with a patented springing seal design.

All Mestel Safety gas masks accept standard NATO 40mm gas mask filters. The SGE 150 gas mask includes a single, front-facing filter port. Other features include:

- Prescription lens support (available as an accessory from Mestel Safety)

- Speaking diaphragm (available as an accessory from Mestel Safety)

- User manual (provides detailed description, instructions and maintenance information)

If you want the very best in personal protective equipment, then consider the Mestel Safety SGE 150 gas mask, which provides proven protection for any CBRN threat. If you are serious about your safety, then spend a few more dollars and leave the surplus masks for cranky old spendthrifts. Consider this mask for:

- Chemical threats

- Biological threats

- Radiological threats

- Nuclear threats

- Survival kits

- Collections

- Much more…

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Overall Rating
Work... It did
Review by boB
No head ache after spraying oil based all day... Comfortable and great visibility. The filters from 2002 work just fine for what I was doing.
Cleaning the lens is tricky, without scratching it. I would like to find a release product. For now I'm thinking "tear off's" from the dirt bike days.
It's new and a good product, worth the investment for a few good reasons.
Overall Rating
Don't be cheap here
Review by boB
Italian made and NEW. Great visibility and function.
Fantastic set up for work related situations in the mean time, reasuring to have one for all the "prep hype".
Came with paperwork with good schematic & maintenance of set up (diaphrams do wear out)
I hope I never have this on long enough to require a drinking straw.

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