Mestel Safety SGE 400/3 Gas Mask

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As noted, the Mestel Safety SGE 400/3 gas mask is manufactured by Mestel Safety, a subsidiary of Ocean Reef. The company has 58 years of experience in molding rubber goods and provides medical, diving, military and safety products of the highest quality. The manufacturing plant, located in Genova, Italy, is not only a NATO classified supplier, but an ISO 9001-2000 certified company as well. This means that they strictly adhere to the commercial standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and have dedicated themselves to quality control and customer satisfaction. In fact, for a company to achieve such certification, they must undergo an intensive audit in which all aspects of the manufacturing process are scrutinized. In other words, Mestel Safety manufactures goods that can be trusted. The SGE 400/3 gas mask is no exception.

It goes without saying that the Mestel Safety SGE 400/3 gas mask is our best offering. Each mask is a brand new, factory-direct gas mask. Just about every aspect of the mask puts it leaps and bounds above the rest. To start out, the gas mask in available in one size, labeled medium/large by the manufacturer. It is, however, fully adjustable with the inclusion of a six-point adjustable harness. The harness features zip-pulls for a quick and proper fitting. The face piece is made from a tough, silicone polymer that provides a comfortable fit as well as a tight seal around the face of the user. Mestel Safety was even able to successfully test the seal for six consecutive days without removal of the mask. A big selling point is the full-face visor. Rather than use a set of twin goggles and rubber, typical of surplus masks, Mestel Safety included a wide polycarbonate, full-face visor that provides a virtually unobstructed panoramic view that eliminates all of the problems generally associated with surplus masks. The visor is treated for both ballistics and chemical aggression and includes a comfortable rubber skirt with a patented springing seal design.

The Mestel Safety SGE 400/3 gas mask accepts standard NATO 40mm gas mask filters. You will be delighted to find that this particular mask includes three filter ports: front, left side and right side. The inclusion of three ports makes the use of a rifle in conjunction with the mask very simple. A filter can be installed on either side of the face, providing a clear field of vision while shooting.

Other features include:

- Microphone connection (available with side port substitution)

- Prescription lens support (available as an accessory from Mestel Safety)

- Includes one NBC-certified, multi-purpose filter

As noted, there are two models available. Both models are virtually identical, however one features a factory-installed hydration system with an integral drinking tube. This system provides a method of staying hydrated without removing the mask and can be used with a canteen or many other hydration packs.

Finally, the inclusion of a user manual provides detailed descriptions, instructions and maintenance.

If you want the very best in personal protective equipment, then consider your search over. The Mestel Safety SGE 400/3 gas mask provides proven protection and is the answer for any CBRN threat. If you are serious about your safety, then spend a few more dollars and gain peace of mind. Consider this mask for:

- Chemical threats

- Biological threats

- Radiological threats

- Nuclear threats

- Survival kits

- Collections

- Much more…

Some say that you cannot put a price on safety. I would disagree and kindly direct them to purchase the Mestal Safety SGE 400/3 gas mask.

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