Mosin Nagant Cleaning Kit

Yes, the Russians love caking Cosmoline into the barrels of Mosin Nagants. They also love smearing it on just about every other piece of the rifle. We should thank them, though, for caring so much about the preservation of their exported goods. Besides, cleaning up your Mosin Nagant is not that bad, especially when you recruit an original Mosin Nagant cleaning kit.

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Each Mosin Nagant cleaning kit offered by is an authentic Russian military surplus item. As the Mosin Nagant was selected for official service with the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic beginning in 1891, many Russian troops were issued Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifles in addition to these Mosin Nagant cleaning kit. As such, these cleaning kits were originally designed for and used by members of the Imperial Russian Army and the Soviet Army.

Because each Mosin Nagant cleaning kit offered is a military surplus item, each cleaning kit has seen some use and may carry some wear and tear. As such, no cleaning kit will be in pristine condition, though each retains its original functionality. Prior to ordering, please understand that parts of the cleaning kit may be packed in Cosmoline and require cleaning before use.

The Mosin Nagant cleaning kit is packed into a small canvas pouch with cotton ties. Each kit consists of the following items:

- One pull-through cleaner

- One dual-chambered oil bottle (designed for both oil and a cleansing agent)

- One combo bolt tool/firing pin adjustment indicator

As these are military surplus cleaning kits, we cannot guarantee the contents of each pouch. All are likely to contain each of the aforementioned items, but it is possible that an item has gone missing. On the other hand, it is also possible that your kit may contain an extra item, such as a muzzle protector or cleaning jag.

Sure, the Mosin Nagant cleaning kit may be older than both of your grandparents, but these unique pieces of history still have some value. Let them prove their value by recruiting them to clean your favorite Russian rifle. Grab yours today for just $5.95.

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Customer Reviews

Got to keep that bore clean!
Review by Rich
Verified Buyer
Seriously, I would not use this to clean my Mosins but would like it to have all the accessories that the Mosin came with. The kit contains a sort of old school bore snake, a very cool 2 chambered oil and solvent can and a tool for several different uses. All stored in a green linen bag with a sort of string that goes around to hold it together. Some storage bags were burlap.
I don't use corrosive ammo so I use a modern Boresnake and run it down the barrel about 3 times with some CLP and that is enough.
Nice Set
Review by Love To Keep Shootin'
Verified Buyer
Bought this because I prefer pull through cleaning kits versus the rod type.
This is one of the few places that actually has them.
The oil bottle was a bonus and you can never have enough ammo pouches.
Review by don
Verified Buyer
First let me say, I was really buying this for the pouch itself (had another kit from a Mosin sniper but had no pouch). Pouch was pristine. The tool is not notched to measure the mosin firing pin, it will work to field strip the rifle (I knew that up front). The oil bottle was caked in cosmoline but packed separately to keep it off the rest of the kit. Kudos to keepshooting for doing that. Now the cleaning cord (essentially a bore snake), had the metal rod and about 1 1/2" of cord attached--that's it, the broken piece wasn't even in the package.
Good price, Decent quality
Review by Andrew
Verified Buyer
Got shipped fast but the pull through cord is broken about a foot from the end of the rod. Understand its surplus, guess Ill just replace it with some hemp.
Review by Chico305
Verified Buyer
Mosin Nagant Cleaning Kit great buy !!!
Nice buy
Review by Mosin Man
Verified Buyer
Pretty good price for this cleaning kit and it showed up with all the pieces and in good shape.

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