Ontario Jericho J-Hook Strap Cutter

The Ontario Jericho J-Hook Strap Cutter is an essential safety tool you'll want to keep where it is ready to be used. Designed to help extract occupants from vehicles, the titanium coated blade cuts through seat belts quickly and the glass break end makes short work of breaking windows.

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Ontario Knife Company


  1. Ontario Jericho J-Hook Strap Cutter
  2. Overall Length: 6.5"
  3. Titanium Coated Blade
  4. Black Polymer Handle
  5. Made in the USA
  6. UPC: 071721004202
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Overall Rating
Great value
Review by tim
Great quality for the price. Went to buy more but out of stock.
Overall Rating
Cheap imitation
Review by Jerusha H.
<span>This not made by the Ontario Knife Company. Cheap imitation</span>
Overall Rating
DULL ! wtf ! a dull razor? my old dull pocket knife is sharper.
Review by Shaphan I.
<span>Come on, how hard is it to put a sharp razor in an 'emergency product'? Junk</span>
Overall Rating
Review by Maddie E.
<span>Very lightweight plastic, which has pro's and con's, but when used in a flightsuit leg pocket lighter is better. Can hardly tell it's there except when you see the string attached to it (I added one). I haven't tried to cut a safety belt with it, so cannot comment on the sharpness of the blade. Hopefully will never need to.</span>
Overall Rating
Dull blade!
Review by Daegan T.
<span>The cutting blade is not sharp at all, I had expected to be able to cut material by pulling on the knife, given there’s not enough room for sawing motion, but this knife could not even cut the plastic bag in came in.</span>
Overall Rating
Sturdy, slim, light
Review by Blase I.
<span>This tool fits perfectly in the front thigh pocket of flight suit. This does not come with a holder/sheath. For my purposes in my pocket it is great, but if you are needing it on a belt it’d be an issue. Feels sturdy and trustworthy if needed in an emergency.</span>

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