Polish Army Body Armor KLV

Original Polish Army Body Armor, known as the KAMIZELKA KLV, features the Polish Pantera Camo pattern.  These light weight Kevlar vests are issued to drivers of armored vehicles. Each vest provides front and rear ballistic protection as well as shoulder protection.  Closest NIJ comparison would make this a Level II vest.

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  1. Polish Army Issue Body Armor
  2. Made by IMD Daniel Technologie
  3. Large velcro sealed chest pocket
  4. Made in Poland
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Overall Rating
Very Nice Quality
Review by Greg
My Polish Army Body Armor KLV came in very good condition. Other than a few marks on the Velcro, it looks practically brand new. Kevlar was thicker than I imagined for Level II and was in very good shape. This is well worth the price I would definitely buy again.
Overall Rating
Review by John
I bought two of these thinking that I'd have a good chance of getting a nice one.
Though I was happily surprised when they both came in excellent condition!
The velcro was great, no rips or tears and the is also a small space to hold a ballistic plate
With a chest bandolier you can have a complete rig!
Overall Rating
What ive come to expect
Review by David
This is the second piece of used body army Ive bought from keepshooting and it doesn't surprise me to get it in "good" to Very Good" condition. Its old, maybe 1990s it has a little surplus smell, but other then that mine is very clean, and Super cool i love the shoulder Armor.
Overall Rating
buy it!
Review by Michael
If you have been considering some body armor, but didn't think you could afford any that is decent, then this is where that search should end. Its lite, strong, durable, ergonomic, well camouflaged, and for the most part pistol proof! There is also a large pocket designed for a trauma plate. It should be more than adequate to carry most any ballistic plate as well. I love this vest!
Overall Rating
Awesome Deal
Review by Norman
This is an awesome vest! Comfortable, not too heavy, gives a lot of mobility, just an incredible deal!
Overall Rating
What an awesome deal!
Review by Norman
Well, well worth the price! Takes seconds to mount, you slip and arm and head into holes, then swing a giant flap with Velcro to secure it! Excellent mobility when mounted, lightweight, great shape, and comes in a high quality giant military camo gear bag, buy this it's a heck of a bargain!
Overall Rating
thank god for Polish products!
Review by Michael
This has got to be the best ballistic vest you can get for less than $300. Its unbelievably lite, plus ergonomics and overall design are so usable and perfect. Finally a vest with full vital coverage and free motion great for shoulder fired weapons! The large front pocked would easily fit a trauma or ballistic plate for further protection. I love this and its camo carry case that can be used for whatever. I found polish candy bar wrappers in the pockets.
Overall Rating
Bad shape
Review by Ed
I recently purchased this vest. While it is solid in respect to it being "body armour" it arrived w/ tears along most of the Velcro fastners (pockets and fastners). The elastic that holds the Velcro and the fastners together was worn and frayed. As this is Mil Surplus some damage was expected, just not to this extent. If it was not for issues noted above I would have rated this much higher in all aspects.
Overall Rating
the best available to US citizens to date! ( for $100 that is)
Review by Michael
This vest is surprisingly lite, and very well designed. I am a bit of a kevlar collector, and this is at the top of my list now. Its highly adjustable and very versatile. There is a large front pocket that should hold a ballistic plate nicely. Great camo pattern and come with a matching carry case that can be used for whatever.

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