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The Polish Army Tanker Flak Vest with Rifle Plates is a high performance ballistic vest from the Polish Army. These vests are capable of stopping both pistol and rifle threats with extended coverage on the front and rear of the vest. Super cool and COMPLETELY AUTHENTIC Polish Army collectible that can still be used today.

The Polish Army Tanker Flak Vest with Rifle Plates is a military grade bullet proof vest that was designed for use by soldiers in the Polish Army. With the Polish military facing threats from hostile forces both within and external to the borders of Poland, soldiers in the Polish Army require the best protection available. These vests provide the highest level of protection for soldiers wearing them, with threats ranging from pistols to rifles all being stopped by this vest.

  • Authentic Polish Army Vest with Rifle Plates
  • Designed for Tank Commanders and Crew
  • Front and Rear Coverage
  • Olive Drab Carrier
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