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Our new PPSh-41 sling is an original sling straight out of the Soviet Union. Best of all, many of the slings appear completely unused and all are in excellent condition.

Fortunately, I am not done talking about the PPSh-41. There are just too many interesting bits about it. As noted, it played a significant role during World War II. As such, it is thought that over 6 million PPSh-41s were produced during the war, which is not unbelievable considering the fact that they were generally made from stamped steel and largely designed with mass production in mind by utilizing parts that could be produced with simple tooling by unskilled workers. And they were not only popular in the Soviet Union and North Korea. Several other nations used the firearm in unofficial capacities, including Germany, who began converting them for use with the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. Those conversions were designated as MP41(r).

Anyway, back to the PPSh-41 sling. All slings offered by Keepshooting.com are original Soviet military surplus. And as noted, many appear to be unissued. Regardless of their issuance, each sling is in excellent cosmetic and working condition and is ready for use or display.

Each PPSh-41 sling measures approximately 1.5 inches wide and is roughly 55 inches in total length. The sling is constructed from a tough, olive drab canvas material that is completely free from wear. As expected, all necessary components for mounting are included. Each end of the canvas is sewn to a lengthy leather strap with a metal buckle, through which the strap can be looped for mounting to a sling swivel. These leather straps are manufactured like belts so that the overall length of the sling, when attached, is adjustable. When attached to the PPSh-41, the sling is adjustable from approximately 31.5 inches in length to about 40.5 inches in length.

Whether you plan to use the PPSh-41 sling or you are purchasing it to make your PPSh-41 both complete and correct, you are sure to be pleased by the quality of this original Soviet sling.

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