Ruger LC380

The Ruger LC380 is a semi-automatic, double-action only, hammer-fired, locked-breech pistol that is chambered for the .308 ACP cartridge. Featuring an extremely light weight, compact design and contoured edges that make this pistol an ideal choice for concealed carry and personal defense, the brand new LC380 is primed to become your go-to everyday carry.

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Born from the now-legendary Ruger LCP and Ruger LC9, the Ruger LC380 is marked by its rugged construction, which includes a high-performance, glass-filled nylon frame alongside a blued alloy steel slide. The greatest selling point for the Ruger LC380, however, is its size. It offers dimensions that are identical to the LC9, and is only slightly larger than the LCP. In fact, it carries less than a one-inch difference in terms of height and length, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry.

Next to the Ruger LCP, the Ruger LC380 joins the Ruger LC9 as the company's most compact offering to date. The LC380 features a 3.12-inch barrel and an overall length of just six inches. Ordinarily, I would not bother mentioning the width of a pistol, but in the case of the LC380, it is definitely worth noting. The LC380 boasts a width of just .90 inches, making it truly concealable in just about any outfit. As noted, the frame is constructed from an extremely lightweight, glass-filled polymer. Alongside the alloy steel slide and barrel, the LC380 weighs in at a feathery 17.20 ounces – just over a pound – and is manageable by both shooters of all sizes and skill levels.

Other features include a three-dot iron sight system that includes a fixed front sight alongside a windage-adjustable rear sight, an aggressively checkered grip for security and comfort, a finger grip extension floor plate, a manual thumb safety and a loaded chamber indicator to provide for visual and tactile confirmation of the chamber status. As noted, the Ruger LC380 is chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge and ships with a single seven-round magazine.

  • Light weight and Compact Design
  • Chambered in .380ACP
  • Ideal for Concealed Carry
  • Backed by Ruger's Legendary Customer Support

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Customer Reviews

Review by Jacob
Verified Buyer
Great gun! It's very light and it fits my big hands good. Caliber is big enough to defend against almost anything.
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
I have wasted countless hours and rounds toying with similar less expensive pistols. When it comes down to it, you will actually save a lot of money by just buying the Ruger! Unlike many other brands using this basic design, this one is actually fairly reliable. Like all pistols this lightweight, you can experience a malfunction from not holding it tight enough. You don't have to grip the crap out of it, but it has to have a little something to recoil against. The only issue with this gun that you may find to be sub par os the trigger. It has a long and somewhat heavy pull to prevent accidental discharge will being pocket carried. This makes for an unpredictable brake. That's not a problem if you will take the time to shoot it now and then to learn the trigger.

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