Ruger LCP® 380

The Ruger LCP, Ruger's most compact offering to date, is a semi-automatic pocket pistol that utilizes a short-recoil operation and is chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge. It features an extremely light weight and a compact design that make it the perfect choice for concealed carry as it will fit in a number of holsters or, if you prefer, your pants pocket.

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The Ruger LCP is the company's most compact offering to date, featuring a 2.75-inch barrel and an overall length of just 5.16 inches. Ordinarily, I would not mention the width of a pistol, but in the case of the LCP, it is worth noting. The LCP boasts a width of just .82 inches, making it truly concealable in just about any location. As noted, the frame is constructed from an extremely lightweight, glass-filled polymer. Alongside the alloy steel slide and barrel, the LCP weighs in at an unbelievable 9.4 ounces and is manageable by men and women of all sizes. Other features include fixed front and rear sights that are integrated into the slide and an optional finger grip extension floor plate. As noted, the pistol is chambered for .380 ACP and includes one 6-round magazine.

With the Ruger LCP, concealed carry has never been more comfortable. Whether you are looking for a back-up pistol for a full-sized pistol or something to replace your everyday carry, the Ruger LCP is definitely worthy of a look or two.

  • Light weight, Compact Design
  • Perfect for Concealed Carry
  • Chambered in .380
  • Backed by Ruger's Legendary Customer Service

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Customer Reviews

Even better in .32 ACP if Ruger would make one
Review by Prescott P.
Verified Buyer
I bought tis gun to replace the Ruger Max .380 because of the trigger finger pinch...common with the MAX. The LCP is much better if the trigger finger is placed high on the trigger. I know a few people who have LCP's and we all agree that it has significant recoil (11 oz). The LCP MAX in .32 ACP would be great...without the finger pinch.
Review by Darrel O.
Verified Buyer
Gave this gun to my Girlfriend who is very a small woman and she can conceal it easily. Also shoots very nicely for its size
Review by Ryheem U.
Verified Buyer
Excellent concealed carrying. easy buying, shipping and pick up.
Needs a safety
Review by Giacomo S.
Verified Buyer
I is a nice little gun but I wish it had a safety not comfortable carrying with out out on it
Review by Geron R.
Verified Buyer
My wife loves it nice small easy for her to handle very smooth Firing for her its great
Better than Kel-Tek or AMT
Review by Banjamin A.
Verified Buyer
Initial observations:
accurate; better trigger than my kel-tek p3at; at least there is a (manual) slide hold open; short grip-but better to conceal; well made.

i carried an amt back up 380 for years. its recoil was vicious. ruger's recoil is much easier to handle.
overall i'm very happy, especially considering the price.
Small gun, great value
Review by Benedetto P.
Verified Buyer
Great value for the money. Small, inexpensive and dependable. It was a gift for my daughter.
Review by Jamion J.
Verified Buyer
Amazing gun, shoots very smooth, fits great
Review by Yancey A.
Verified Buyer
Great little gun. Fits in my pocket no problem. The picket holster Ruger gives you works perfectly. It has good retention and the lcp cones out easy unlike a lot of other pocket holsters. I recommend anyone get this.
Review by Sue P.
Verified Buyer
Bought one of these when they first came out , I never leave the house unless it's in my pocket, I was at work one day & saw a Squirrel crawl out of my lunch box with a bag of my chips, he went about 20 feet I droped him with one shot, Next I was fishing in my bass boat and had a cotton mouth crawl up along side my out board motor, I shot him in the head as he lay against my 10,000 dollar out board, Yep , I never leave home without it.
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