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The Ruger LC9 is now one of Ruger's most popular line of handguns. With the feedback of shooters, Ruger has developed many special versions of the LC9 to meet the needs of diverse shooters who like the LC9. One of the newest versions of the LC9 is this LC9S which represents Ruger's move into a striker fired version of the standard LC9.

The Ruger LC9S is Ruger's answer to the demand for a slim, striker fired, polymer handgun that is chambered in 9x19. Building upon the phenomenal success of the LC9, Ruger has produced this striker fired version to appeal to shooters who prefer a striker fired pistol for easier concealment.

Despite this LC9S having a new model name and part number, all Ruger factory and commerical after market LC9 accessories will work with the LC9s. WIth the main difference between the LC9 and LC9s being the way rounds are set off, the external characteristics and features are virtually identical. Some shooters prefer a striker fired pistol for easier concealment, no chance of a hammer dragging on something when the pistol is being drawn, and less exposure of critical components. Always customer focused, Ruger produced this LC9s to meet these shooters requirements.

With Ruger's attention to customer service, legendary reliability, and economical price point it is easy to see why the Ruger LC9 has been so popular. Few companies would take on the expense of designing a new operating mechanism for an already successful product. Ruger is different than most companies, with their customer focused planning and delivery. With many companies not valuing the requests of consumers, it is worth considering a brand new Ruger LC9S for their dedication to customers alone. When you consider how great a gun the LC9S in addition to how Ruger treats their customers, it is absolutely certain that the LC9S is the right handgun for you.

  • Ruger Factory Handgun
  • Striker Fired
  • Backed by Ruger's Legendary Customer Support
  • Great CCW Handgun
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