Ruger SR40 Magazine - 10 Round - 90351

Ruger SR40 - 10-Round Magazine

The Ruger SR40 10-Round Magazine is a Ruger factory magazine for the SR40 pistol. This universally compliant magazine is ideal for states where magazine capacity has been limited by law to 10-rounds. These magazines are designed for use in the excellent SR40 pistol and are designed by the same factory that produces the standard capacity magazines for Ruger.

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Description / Ruger SR40 - 10-Round Magazine

The Ruger SR40 10-Round magazine is a magazine purposely designed to be universally compliant in every state. Ruger has recognized that consumers in states with magazine capacity restrictions still want to purchase the SR40 and has produced this magazine to meet their needs. With the capacity set at 10 rounds, owners of SR40 pistols in states such as Maryland or California have a factory option for replacement magazines for their prized pistol.

With Ruger SR40 magazines coming standard with 15-round magazines, these 10-round magazines represent a unique offering from Ruger. Rather than just ignore the needs of consumers in reduced-capacity states, Ruger has released these 10-round magazines. Far from being useful only to consumers in restricted capacity states, consumers in every state will appreciate the 10-round capacity magazines for training purposes. With ammunition generally being sold in boxes of 5, using a 10-round magazine for practice will allow you to utilize an entire box of ammunition without having to download your standard magazines. You will also enjoy a lighter Ruger SR40 as the reduction in ammunition capacity will also lighten the weight.

  • Authentic Ruger SR40 Factory Magazine
  • Capacity: 10-Rounds
  • Caliber: 40SW

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Manufacturer Ruger
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