Storm Safety Whistle

The Storm Safety Whistle is the World's Loudest Whistle and is designed to work in, on, and under water. The personal protection and rescue applications of this whistle make it ideal for campers, hikers, hunters, and scuba divers. Formally adopted by the US Navy for use on the open seas, this whistle is what you want when being heard can be the difference between life or death.

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  1. STORM Safety Whistle
  2. Blaze Orange Color
  3. 100% Louder than Standard Safety Whistle
  4. Patent Pending Harmonic Chamber - Loudest on the Market
  5. Can Be Heard and Used Under Water
  6. Made in the USA
  7. UPC: 74227200001
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Overall Rating
Loud as hell
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I got the yellow whistle because that’s the only color that was in stock. When I got the whistle in the mail I was blown away at how loud it is! I gave it to my 12 year old nephew who goes hiking with me sometimes and I’m positive that if he needs help he can be heard with this. Definitely not disappointed with the purchase and I will be purchasing more in the future for friends and family. Also if you live near a waterway you can use it to try and get the attention of boaters if you need help too. Overall this is an amazing product and I would recommend to everyone
Overall Rating
Easy for senior eyes and ears
Review by Keepshooting Customer
These whistles have an easy to read size for senior eyes. I have an ear/sinus problem that can’t be fixed by the Dr. I don’t want to wear hearing aids and can still “hear”, sort of. However my hearing aid days are numbered. This is my issue with high intensity whistles. I’m trying to use one everyday and getting some practice. My dog seems not to mind it at all. She loves my petsitting job, has many buddies there. My neighbors on either side are noisy to the degree that I have the hearing of a tortoise and I’m a music lover. For now I use them outside, because a loud noise inside the house would be like being hit with steel pipes in a bar. I was able to make a decent amount of sound for about 15 seconds and then the whistle gave out, exhausted the air in it, it would appear. The package said for high winds and rescue and is water proof, I believe. They also have two different volumes.
Overall Rating
Love these whistles!
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This is the best, brightest, loudest whistle I've ever had. Loud enough to be noticed, and the light should make it visible from the air if needed. You can hear a neighbor dog from the end of the street, so this is a must have for a small, loud emergency. Love these!
Overall Rating
Bringing it back
Review by Keepshooting Customer
This product really does the job. You don't want your lungs and blow too hard but a quick good blow does the trick. My kids used to think I'm kidding when I tell them to come back when they get lost. I would tell them I'm getting this whistle to have on me in the woods or park and if they need me, blow the whistle. I'm really grateful for a life insurance agent that had one of these whistles when we got into a serious wreck and our cars collided. My kids never had to go look for me and we got off pretty easy with a broken bone. When they saw me lying in the road with a head injury they immediately blew the whistle. A 4th wave siren from an emergency respond vehicle is a completely different thing and does not make me go blind or leave the body. They are designed that way for airplane use. My little whistle gets their attention right away. I don't want to blow this whistle for a real emergency but it's great for me to know I have it on me in the event I need it for an emergency and have no choice. When I'm out for a day in town or a hike in a park and want to make a round and walk the path, just having it on me lets people know I'm not a crazy stalker but I'm out for a walk and it makes people think twice about messing with me or my kids. My daughters know to blow the whistle on me and come get me if they are out and about on their own. I carry it everywhere and use it when camping and my kids are older and will hike by themselves or go off to camp for a day or two and sleep under the stars. You can also make sounds to signal for help and they say you'll be able to see someone waving in response if you're in an area where there are no trees or tall grass. It makes a huge difference to get attention and it makes people really stop in their tracks and take a good look. We had one friend go blind when we blew it once and another didn't even see it and looked right through us. You have to really use it hard for a
Overall Rating
Extremely powerful. Good emergency signaling whistle
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I bought this in an effort to avoid going to the trouble of packing my cheap plastic air horn when boating. These whistles are a hell of a lot easier to handle and I feel more comfortable relying on them to bring some action. They do the job. The trick is to find out how hard you can blow before the air runs out. It will get the attention of any nearby boaters and you will draw the eyes of dogs in a large field when carried in a bucket on the roof rack. If it's windy, and your head gets close to a passing truck, a load will be taken off. These things are incredibly LOUD, and they have high decibel peaks. I would not recommend these for small recreational boats unless a strobe is employed as well. As with all air-powered instruments, make sure they stay inflated and free of moisture to get the best results. In an emergency, a good long hard blow will be the signal to other boaters that you need help. They have no discernable muffling properties and so their loud noise is an effective signal to nearby boats. The real issue with most "emergency" whistles is that they just don't make enough noise to get a serious reaction from those far away. If it takes you a minute to blow this thing, you are going to need a replacement for other more effective communication in that minute. It should go without saying that I am not the kind of dude who likes to scare small dogs or horses. It takes real self-control not to toy with people's fear reflexes when the whole world can so easily cater to it. There are times when that is not an option and I can find many situations where these come in handy when I am working in an area where I might get turned around or where a cell signal is weak. I would feel good taking this in on the trail or when around a lot of thick woods. It does the job and it makes sure I am seen when attention is required. In short, it is really loud and is an efficient form of signaling that gets attention when there is nothing more convenient. It would be a bad choice if one had a fire and had other means of communication available. It has some useful
Overall Rating
I used it to alert rescue personnel in rugged mountainous area where ...
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I carried this for rescue use while hiking in remote mountain area where cell coverage is spotty. I used it to alert rescue personnel in rugged mountainous area where search was delayed and nightfall approached quickly. I would not have had my signal seen without the safety whistle.
Overall Rating
I recommend this item. This is a strong loud Whistle
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I was surprised at the loudness of this product. It is louder than my official law enforcement life saver.
Overall Rating
Piss Off! This Whistle Sounds Off.
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Storm is simply the loudest whistle you can carry. Not that there is much competition in the small amount of whistles on the market, so the benchmark is set low. It's easy to blow loud into the chin strap of a bicycle helmet (if there is such a thing) so your ears won't be damaged if the accident. No worrying about hearing damage, only danger to yourself and/or the idiot on the big truck. This one comes in many colors, is inexpensive and the sound will leave any nearby wimp and passersby with pained ear drums. My friend, if they make a human taser to be used on people with super human tough skins (sans ear drums) it would look like this. They would use an ear drum shattering pulse to incapacitate said superman. The "human taser" I just mentioned, sounds more dangerous than it is, for people in reality are much more likely in getting hit with a baton and suffer more injuries than non-verbal effects from a supposed sound blaster. If people want peace, they will soon learn war never gave us anything but loss and sorrow, that sooner or later the soldier and the statesman will meet on the same spot and embrace. The soldiers have been a humanities only reservoirs of all bravery, truth, faith and patriotism, for which the thanks is for more loss, sorrow and slaughter. But war can be the soldier's curse and life and not his pride. So Storm on your bike, motorcycle or daily jog/run around and use this instead of playing wimp tag or dart guns with motorists and/or neighborhood bullies, for they don't have the equipment and equipment isn't what these games are about. And when it's war between man and machine, let this wail of thunder sound of protection come from the throat and you just gave a lesson in machismo that war will never allow.
Overall Rating
Best loud, quality emergency whistle I've ever used. It will make you crazy trying to blow ...
Review by Keepshooting Customer
Best loud, quality emergency whistle I've ever used. It will make you crazy trying to blow it. Don't take your life for granted! The safety aspect of having it when going off trail is a good thing. Worth the expense. Wear it on you. Put in emergency go bag. The best investment for yourself.
Overall Rating
Great product
Review by Keepshooting Customer
I bought this to attach to my dogs collar in case she ever got lost or stuck somewhere and couldn't get out. It works great!

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