STORM Safety Whistle - World's Loudest Whistle

Storm Safety Whistle

The Storm Safety Whistle is the World's Loudest Whistle and is designed to work in, on, and under water. The personal protection and rescue applications of this whistle make it ideal for campers, hikers, hunters, and scuba divers. Formally adopted by the US Navy for use on the open seas, this whistle is what you want when being heard can be the difference between life or death.

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Description / Storm Safety Whistle

The STORM Safety Whistle has been designed to be the world's loudest whistle. This whistle not only is the world's loudest, it has a special design allowing it to be used on land and under water. With a host of potential applications, no other personal protective whistle has the capabilities or features that the Storm Safety Whistle has.

This whistle has become popular with sports fans, campers, hikers, and hunters. When your looking to make some noise for your favorite team, why not use the world's loudest whistle? Campers, hikers, and hunters have found this whistle beneficial for signaling to their party when distances and range prevents other communications. Police, firefighters, and the US Navy also use this whistle for signaling during emergency events, as no whistle is louder and can be heard as clearly as the Storm Safety Whistle.

  • Blaze Orange Color
  • 100% Louder than Standard Safety Whistle
  • Patent Pending Harmonic Chamber - Loudest on the Market
  • Can Be Heard Used and Heard Under Water
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