Swedish Military Neck Scarf

Still dealing with cold weather like almost everyone in the world? Get yourself one of these Swedish Military Neck Warming Scarves. These Swedish military scarves are super nice, made from wool, and look sharp.

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  1. Made from Wool
  2. Swedish Military Issue
  3. Like New Condition
  4. Measures 17" x 7"
  5. Super Stretchy One Size Fits All
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Overall Rating
a warm neck is a happy neck
Review by William
Why can't I resist Swedish Stuff? Is/was it Anita Eckburg? My private Idaho is a sub-zero La Dolce Vita in this knit wonder. This rounds out the Swedish kit... now if I could just get one of the Swedish winter hats in my size (to fit over my halo, of course).
Overall Rating
Great product.
Review by Andrew
Really nice to have in cold weather. I brought it skiing once and it was great for the cold wind. Mine was a little scratchy at times, but it gets better after being washed. Good value for 5 bucks.
Overall Rating
The Swedes got it right when they designed this quality made wool neck gaiter. It's the perfect alternative to a regular scarf and warmer than the Swiss army wool neck roll.
Review by Christopher
The Swedes got it right when they designed this quality made wool neck gaiter. It's the perfect alternative to a regular scarf and warmer than the Swiss army wool neck roll.
Overall Rating
Review by Chris
I get tired of continually have to re-wrap a scarf around my neck whilst wearing layers that only complicate the matter. My coats with thicker collars also don't always fit the bill completely for keeping my neck warm when the winter wind bites. This is the perfect solution to that problem for me, its an excellently made product for dirt cheap!
Overall Rating
Super nice
Review by Dale
Super warm, comfortable fit and keeps the wind off of my neck and chin. I ride a motorcycle and when I'm going 70+ in the cold, I'm thankful I was able to get such great riding gear from KS. I always get extra items and keep in my bags for emergencies, and at these prices it is very easy to do.
Overall Rating
Just buy it
Review by James
The 12/16/2016 review by a different "James" pretty much makes all of my points for me. This is a lot more convenient than a scarf, as long as you don't mind mussing your hair when you pull it over your head, ha ha. I also have the Swiss army neck roll, which I find too tight when pulled up over my nose. Interestingly, it seems to function like a "Breathe Right" strip in the way it keeps my nostrils open.... This Swedish one doesn't feel as tight, though I think it actually IS as tight - it's just that the material is MUCH stretchier and more comfortable. And it's long enough that you can actually pull it up, fold it, and have a double layer of material covering your nose and mouth.

The other "James" mentioned the product video, which I also watched before buying - it's worth checking out for the demonstrations of the versatility of this excellent product and for Pete's sake it's only $5, just buy it. Buy two.
Overall Rating
All time favorite, super warm, super versatile
Review by James
Warm, big, versatile, fits all sizes, comfortable... did I say warm? This is one of my all time favorites on this site, just because it does its job so well for such a small price. I'm done with dangling scarves and tying knots, or having a cold, unprotected neck in the winter wind... this little Swedish military neck scarf has done better than any traditional scarf I've had.

In a video review I watched before buying, (because god forbid I waste $5 right?,) the guy showed how you can switch it up to cover different parts of your face, use it as a hat, use it as coif, and it's true- you can wear this in so many ways I think everyone should have one for the winter.
Overall Rating
Neck and face warmth on the cheap
Review by jeff
I took a chance on this one but for the price I had to see. It turns out I really like this scarf. Alot thicker then I thought from the pictures and I like the feel. Got it to go with my wool cap I ordered from KS and together no worries this winter.
Overall Rating
Love it, very accomodating.
Review by Ryan
I purchased this scarf in addition to the swiss wool neck roll, which is a similar product. I liked the other one plenty, but I have to say that I preferred this one. The knit is ribbed, and is much more stretchy than the other tightly woven one. It allows it to slip over easily, and is very long for covering the face/ears if needed. I also like that the bottom is flared out; it makes it easy to tuck under a collar for gap-less coverage. I bought another one just in case I felt like giving one out or if the first one wore out. To be fair, it hasn't gotten cold enough to see how well it protects in real use, but I can tell it'll be a winner.
Overall Rating
Swede winter gear $$
Review by Joe
Have a thinsulate neck gaiter from years ago. Also US green wool scarf. This surplus item takes care of both. Ride bike for transport in beach environment, weather always changing, this gonna get a lot of use, good gear from Sweden you bet at a price you can't beat, tapered neck makes on/off easy just like the video says! Well made and warm.

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