Swedish OD Work Jacket

The Swedish OD Work Jacket is a tough-as-nails work jacket from the Swedish Army. The lack of camouflage, no military patches, and light olive drab color allow this work jacket to be worn in any environment and no one will know it is a military jacket. Perfect for mechanics, laborers, and tradesmen who need tough outerwear and appreciate a great price.

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The Swedish Army is known for producing quality military goods for their armed forces. These Swedish Army Work Jackets continue this tradition of excellence by offering a tough jacket that will stand up to daily wear and abuse in the field. No matter what your field is, you can rest assured that this work jacket will offer you protection from your work and environment.

The best part about these work jackets is the price and usefulness that they represent. No matter if your going out on a hunt or working on your car outside this is the work jacket for you.

  • Authentic Swedish Army Work Jacket
  • Surplus Unissued Condition - "Near New"
  • Select Your Size - We've Got Them Sorted
  • Interior Chest Pocket - Button Closed
  • Button Closed Front
  • Loop At Collar - Hang Up Your Jacket When Not Needed!

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Customer Reviews

Good Work Jacket
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
Verified Buyer
Good and simple work jacket. It only has one pocket, but it is well positioned on the inside. The front buttons are concealed, so this would be a great jacket for working on cars in without worry of scratching the paint. For the price, it may be worth it to get several.
Very tough
Review by Victor
Verified Buyer
True to size and built to last , I will buy more
I Like It
Review by Bikamper
Verified Buyer
More of a heavy canvas shirt than a jacket, IMO, but perfect for futzing in the garage when it's too cold to work with the door open and too warm to fire up the heater. Also great for wearing under a heavier jacket or coat when even the heater ain't enough.

Probably will order a few more.
Pockets, no need - back to work
Review by Joe
Verified Buyer
Tough cotton weave a good value for a surplus jacket. Large inner pocket , button hardware, this is built with getting job done toughness. At a price that won't hurt , like new surplus if you don't mind OD green keep one in the car for backup, it's a work jacket.
Had to buy more!
Review by Duane
Verified Buyer
As in my previous review, these are great, I use them for welding, and I did burn holes through them, so I had to buy more! the inner pocket is nice for carrying my safety glasses and marker pens.
Great light jacket
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
Very well made and obviously sturdy. The jacket came in unused shape, as far as I can tell. Perfect for the spring -- wear it over a T-shirt. Cant believe the price on it. No zipper, only buttons, just FYI. The 56 fit me (XL) just right.
Tough as Nails
Review by Lock N Load
Verified Buyer
this jacket is thick , almost like denim pants, but comfortable, has buttons with a pocket inside the jacket. I use mine for welding, if you burn holes in it, o well, just throw on another at that price! Will order more at $5.95.
Thick cotton
Review by Steven
Verified Buyer
Nice thick cotton on this jacket. Big buttons too. Cant go wrong for the price. Mine came rumpled with heavy wrinkle/creases but smells fine and seems to not have been used much. Inside pocked it big/deep. Good spring jacket.
A High Quality "Steal"
Review by Roger - (Indianapolis, IN.)
Verified Buyer
Brand new/Unissued and tough as nails quality. This doesn't have a horrible mothballs smell but it'll take a couple of runs through the washing machine to completely get rid of the "military warehouse" smell. The only thing that's kind of odd about this is that it only has one pocket and that's an inner pocket. I never realized how much I used pockets until I wore a jacket that had no such outer pockets. At this price though... I can't really seriously complain. These would make great light "dirty work" jackets where you would expect to get a jacket very dirty, stained, and/or stinky! A GREAT buy!!
For work or casual wear
Review by david
Verified Buyer
The jacket came sealed in plastic and in as good condition as any item picked up in your local department store. The fabric is about the thickness of denim maybe slightly thinner but more tightly woven. This is actually the second one of these jackets I have purchased, the last one four or five years ago, still got it, though it's getting a little frayed around the edges. I have used the jacket in a construction setting all these years and I would rate the quality on par or better than the major brands of work clothes . Not only is this a great work jacket but a stylish casual jacket as well, I received several compliments this week wearing this jacket around town. Unbelievable value, I'm going to stock up while they are available.

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