Swiss NBC Poncho - Heavy Duty Military Grade Rain Poncho

Swiss NBC Poncho

The Swiss NBC Poncho is a military grade heavy duty rain poncho. Originally designed and issued as civilian protection in Switzerland for use in the event of an NBC type attack, these ponchos are ideal for rain or bad weather. Don't buy a cheap throw away poncho for your gear bag, get one of these German made ponchos will outperform and outlast any commercial grade poncho.

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Description / Swiss NBC Poncho

The Swiss NBC Poncho is a German produced protective poncho that was designed to be issued to civilians in Switzerland. With a design goal of offering protection from NBC threats, these thick plastic ponchos are ideal for protection from heavy rains. We have all purchased commercial grade rain ponchos and experienced the frustration of still getting wet, and having them be good for at most a few hours of use. No need to be concerned about that with these Swiss NBC ponchos, they will stand up to heavy rain and will be able to be reused many times.

  • Authentic Swiss NBC Poncho
  • Made from Heavy Grade Plastic
  • Ideal for Rain Poncho
  • Made in Germany for the Swiss Civil Guard

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Manufacturer Swiss Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Be ready for the spray
Review by ElephantWarrior
I carry one with me all the time in case of NBC events.
Be ready for the spray
Review by ElephantWarrior
Great poncho, easy to deploy, easy to discard.
Unarguably the god of ponchos
Review by James
Indisputably the supreme poncho, these are incredibly thicc and their protection from wet weather is rivaled only by their obscene weight. If you want a basique defense from cold rain, tear a garbage bag over your head. If you want to stick it to the rain and cold and say, a diable avec toi!! in the midst of a freezing thunderstorm, this is the poncho for you.
Great to have around
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
While originally designed as NBC ponchos, these are a great choice as a regular rain poncho. A good folded size and good price make these a great item to have around in various places, like in the car, backpack, by the front door, etc. These are cut to accommodate a backpack underneath. Very neat color as well.
Cant beat it
Review by Lucas
Unlike the 1$ small plastic bags walmart calls a poncho, this german made poncho is made of very thick material, for only 2$! Get ya a couple of these instead of garbage ones and rain wont be a worry! Go Swiss!
The price is right
Review by Jack
Good for when it's wet. Though I can never get these to fold up right after unfolding it.
Review by Dalton
In the event of a NBC these would come in very handy if you have to walk through a area that is contaminated because it is rated for that kind of protection. If you are carry a full load of survival gear you can just throw this over you and once you are safe you can just toss it. The price is beautiful. The poncho comes in a pretty good size plastic wrap with German writing on the instructions. This poncho isn't going to rip easily.
what a bargain
Review by Terry
Ideal as part of an economical vehicle emergency kit. Especially if you have more than one vehicle..
well made , practical, easy to pack
Review by Lionel
very good for camping, especially if one walks with a back pack in rain. It takes a small volume for packing easily if folded right.
pretty cool
Review by Chuck
I picked these up as something to throw in the cars to have just in case. They come in a small package with a nice price tag. I did not open them up but they look in real great condition and seem to be good construction. I plan to get some more and I am telling my friends about them.

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