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The Swiss NBC Poncho is a military grade heavy duty rain poncho. Originally designed and issued as civilian protection in Switzerland for use in the event of an NBC type attack, these ponchos are ideal for rain or bad weather. Don't buy a cheap throw away poncho for your gear bag, get one of these German made ponchos will outperform and outlast any commercial grade poncho.

The Swiss NBC Poncho is a German produced protective poncho that was designed to be issued to civilians in Switzerland. With a design goal of offering protection from NBC threats, these thick plastic ponchos are ideal for protection from heavy rains. We have all purchased commercial grade rain ponchos and experienced the frustration of still getting wet, and having them be good for at most a few hours of use. No need to be concerned about that with these Swiss NBC ponchos, they will stand up to heavy rain and will be able to be reused many times.

  • Authentic Swiss NBC Poncho
  • Made from Heavy Grade Plastic
  • Ideal for Rain Poncho
  • Made in Germany for the Swiss Civil Guard
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